100 Facts About Bambi

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This week, we talk about another favourite of mine; Bambi. This was a movie I could watch countless amount of times and never ever get bored. The colours were fantastic, the story beautiful and heartbreaking. I really enjoyed doing the research for this one and found out some very interesting facts.


  1. Bambi is the fifth animated Disney feature.
  2. Bambi was the first Disney film where the songs were not sung by the characters on sceen.
  3. The songs of Bambi were sung by either an off-screens soloist or a choir.
  4. Bambi was adapted from the book ‘Bambi; A Life in the Woods’ written by Felix Salten.
  5. His real name was Siegmund Salzmann.
  6. He was an insurance clerk who began writing as a way to cure his boredom.
  7. Felix Salten sold the rights to Bambi for $1000.
  8. He consequently made almost nothing from the movie.
  9. Bambi was added to the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress in December 2011.
  10. The Registry said that Bambi was one of Walt Disney’s favourite films.
  11. They also stated that Bambi had been recognized due to its messages of nature conservation.
  12. The film was not successful at the box office on original release due to being released during WWII.
  13. It lacked access to much of the European market.
  14. Walt Disney’s daughter Diana complained that Bambi’s mother didn’t need to die in the movie.
  15. Paul McCartney says the shooting of Bambi’s mother started his interest in animal rights.
  16. Bambi received three Academy Award nominations.
  17. The nominations were for Best Sound, best Song and Original Music Score.
  18. Animators visited the Los Angeles Zoo to see first-hand how the animals moved.
  19. Walt Disney also set up a small zoo at the studio with animals such as rabbits, ducks, owls and skunks.
  20. They also had a pair of fawns named Bambi and Faline at the studio.
  21. Animators also spent time with animal experts in order to learn more about animals.
  22. Critics were dismissive about the film as Disney was trying to distance itself from fantasy.
  23. A prequel called Bambi II was released straight to video in 2006.
  24. The novel version of Bambi was banned in Germany in 1936.
  25. The attention to detail meant that animators completed less work on a daily basis than they had been able to on previous movies.
  26. ‘Man is in the forest’ is said in the film but it was also a code phrase used by animators to say that Walt was coming down the hall, meaning any animator that was slacking needed to get their act together.
  27. There are fewer than 900 words in the entire film.
  28. Some of Bambi’s animation sequences were reused in other movies.
  29. The studio considered taking Bambi on a roadshow, similar to that of Fantasia.
  30. Donnie Dunagan who played Bambi, quit voice acting after his role and joined the marines.
  31. During his time in the marines he kept quiet about his job playing Bambi.
  32. Donnie Dunagan also modelled for Bambi’s facial expressions.
  33. ‘Man’ was ranked the #20 villain on the American Film Institute’s list of the 100 greatest heroes and villains.
  34. This was the only character in the list to not actually appear on screen.
  35. Bambi’s mother’s death is considered to be one of the most tragic, heartbreaking moments ever.
  36. Sidney Franklin originally initiated Bambi as a film project in 1933 but saw it as a live action film, not an animation.
  37. Disney started working on Bambi in 1936.
  38. However, production was halted until August 17th 1939 due to Fantasia.
  39. Bambi premiered August 8th 1942 in London.
  40. This was a very daring move as the United Kingdom was currently in the middle of WWII.
  41. Due to WWII, Disney was forced to cut 12 minutes from the movie to save production costs.
  42. Bambi’s American premier was in New York a few days after the World Premiere in London.
  43. Bambi was initially a box office disappointment.
  44. Out of it’s $1.7million budget, it only grossed $1.64million.
  45. A test animation of a baby Bambi stuck on a fallen tree-trunk s what convinced Walt Disney to make this movie.
  46. This is the second Walt Disney animated feature to be set in the present day as it was made.
  47. Bambi’s mother appears in the very first shot of Beauty and the Beast.
  48. Bambi and his mother appear in The Rescuers.
  49. Bambi’s mother also appears as Kay’s prey in The Sword in the Stone and as Shere Khans prey in The Jungle Book.
  50. Felix Salten got the inspiration for the novel from the Italian word ‘bambino’.
  51. The story team developed two characters consisting of a squirrel and a chipmunk that were meant to represent Laurel and Hardy but they only make brief appearances in the final film.
  52. Bambi was originally meant to go back to his mother after she was shot and find her in a pool of blood.
  53. Frank Churchill’s last request was that ‘Love Is A Song’ be dedicated to his wife, Carolyn.
  54. Walt had to deny the request as the song had already gone to the publisher.
  55. The animation for the movie was extremely tedious.
  56. Artists had to make sure that each spot on Bambi’s back was replicated perfectly in every frame.
  57. There are fewer than 900 words spoken in the whole film.
  58. Some animated sequences from Bambi were re-used in later Disney movies.
  59. Bambi was Otis Harlans final film role as he died two years before the film was released.
  60. The film was originally meant to have six individual bunny characters.
  61. The scene where Bambi’s mother gets shot was originally meant to see her jumping over a log and getting shot.
  62. The film was going to include a scene where two autumn leaves were talking to each other before falling to the ground.
  63. Walt Disney decided not to include this as he felt it didn’t work with the context of the film.
  64. The writing for the film was completed in July 1940.
  65. At this time, the budget for the movie had increased to $858,000.
  66. Actress Jane Randolph and Ice Capades star Donna Atwood were used as live action references for the scene where Bambi and Thumper are on the icy pond.
  67. The backgrounds in the film were inspired by Eastern American woodlands.
  68. Bambi was released on home video in 1989.
  69. In 1997, the movie was released in a Masterpiece Collection Version VHS.
  70. Bambi was also released in a digitally remastered and restored Platinum Version DVD.
  71. A Diamond Edition of the film was released on blu-ray on March 1st
  72. This diamond edition of the film was released in the UK on February 7th
  73. Bambi holds a 91% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
  74. After the film as released, Walt Disney allowed the characters of Bambi to be used in a fire prevention public service campaign.
  75. Bambi was only loaned to the government for year.
  76. Bambi and his mother appear in the Donald Duck short, ‘No Hunting’.
  77. Scenes from Bambi and Bambi II were used by the United States Forest Service for public service announcements for wildlife prevention.
  78. These videos can be found on YouTube.
  79. The copyrights for the novel the film is based on were inherited by Salten’s daughter Anna.
  80. She renewed these rights in 1954.
  81. When she died, her husband sold the rights to Twin Books.
  82. This company filed a lawsuit against Disney claiming they owed them money for the use of the book.
  83. Salten had published the book in 1923 without a copyright notice and therefore, the books rights were part of the public domain from the beginning.
  84. Bambi ranked third in the American Film Institute’s 10 top 10.
  85. Bambi was awarded this rank in the genre of animation.
  86. Walt Disney and his staff attended a preview of Bambi in a Pomona theatre on February 28, 1942.
  87. In the original script, Bambi was shot instead of his mother.
  88. Walt of course dismissed the idea and decided it should be Bambi’s mother that gets shot.
  89. Animators could not draw Bambi’s fathers’ antlers correctly.
  90. To get around this problem, a 3D model of stags’ antlers was filmed from all angles and then rotoscoped onto animation cells.
  91. Originally, the hunter that shot Bambi’s mother was supposed to be killed by the forest fire that he had accidentally started.
  92. This idea was rejected as Walt decided he didn’t want man to be shown on screen and wanted to concentrate on the woodland creatures.
  93. Peter Behn, who auditioned for the role of one of the rabbit children, as originally told he couldn’t act and was asked to leave the audition room.
  94. Disney animators heard his audition tape and created the role of Thumper based on his vol performance.
  95. Behn was asked back to the studio by the Disney animators.
  96. In the original draft, Thumper was called Bobo.
  97. Two asteroids have been named after Bambi and Thumper.
  98. Children provided the voices for the animals in their young state, which was unusual for the time.
  99. Usually, it was adults who mimicked the sound of younger voices.
  100. Walt visited Argentina in 1941 to visit the forests of southwest Argetina.

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  1. Oooh, I love this post! I knew some of the things on the list such as the right for the movie, the “man” and stuff but I didn’t know most of it! So interesting! Thank you for sharing! xx Corinne from Corinne & Kirsty


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