EMP Sell Bambi Merchandise?

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I discovered a website not too long ago called EMP. It seems to sell everything from alternative clothing, to Disney merchandise to home products. The problem with this website, is I want it all. All of it. I always feel like I can’t window shop on this website purely because I will want to buy something and I have zero room for anything new in my wardrobe. For the moment. However, I decided to be brave the website and look to see if they sell any Bambi themed merchandise; they didn’t disappoint! How could I have ever doubted EMP?

If you want to shop for your own Disney themed merchandise, you can find the EMP website here.


Flowers and Butterflies Dress, Flowers Dress, Vintage Bambi Mug, Flowers and Butterflies Tee

I have a thing for Disney mugs. I feel like you can never have enough mugs and this Bambi mug is absolutely beautiful. I really want this as part of my collection. Again though, I don’t have any room for another Disney mug, which makes me incredibly sad.

I also really like the dresses above. Black and Disney; a perfect match!

Forest T-Shirt, Flowers and Butterflies HoodieThumper Bathrobe, Lovely Stripes Pyjamas

I also have a thing for Disney pyjamas. If there are a pair I really like, I will have to buy them. My Pyjama draw is overflowing with all kinds of Disney pyjamas and I know I will continue to buy more. These Bambi pyjamas would be perfect for the upcoming summer.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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