A Flower Disneybound on a Budget

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

It’s time for another Disneybound post. As mentioned a few weeks ago, I like alternative clothing styles and I personally wear a lot of black. So in order to fit my own personal style, I look for characters where I can wear a lot of black. From Bambi, this character is Flower.

To show how easy and ho cheap it can be to create Disneybounds, I shall gather all of the items for Flower, from Amazon.

This one should be a fun challenge!


Firstly, let’s have a look at the adorable little guy!


Now, let’s see my choices for a Flower Disneybound.

The Swing Mini Skater Dress only costs a maximum of £10, depending on the size you wish to buy. Yes, this is incredibly unfair pricing but unfortunately, Amazon does this with a few of the products it sells. If you prefer sleeved dresses, there are plenty to choose from on Amazon that will match your style.

For summer, this Lace Bolero would be perfect to cover your shoulders should you choose  a strappy dress. A regular cardigan would of course do the same thing if you prefer something less fancy and something longer. This beautiful bolero on average costs only £3.50.

I own a pair of these striped socks and I love them. The white stripe is perfect for the white stripe on Flowers tail. Pair these with a pair of black shoes. These socks will set you back £5.29.  I have chosen these chunky heeled Chelsea Boots. I love chunky shoes, although sadly I have nowhere to wear them too, nor the balance to wear them. I do love creating outfits with these types of shoes though.The shoes are of course the most expensive part of the outfit, coming in at £20.

Accessories are of the utmost importance when Disneybounding. They help bring the outfit together. I found this White Rose Necklace for £4.95 and this wonderful white feather hair clip for £1.19.

Altogether, this whole outfits costs under £45. With a good search through Amazon, you can gather together the items needed for a wonderful Disneybound on a budget. Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. You can rock any look with however much money you wish to spend!

a mermaid be waiting for you in mysterious fathoms below


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