Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Another rather belated post, this time about the Disney Christmas git exchange I took part in. This wonderful event was organised by the lovely Sophie Kean. You can find her twitter here. She sent out a tweet asking if anyone would be interesting in taking part in a Christmas gift exchange and I loved the idea so put forward my interest. It was all set up on a website where we entered information about our favourite Disney movies, characters and anything else we could think of. Once a deadline hit, we were given the names of the person to buy for. Like a secret santa-esque type gift exchange.

I received my gift from my wonderful secret Santa quite early on and felt so humbled and lucky to receive such wonderful gifts!


My Secret Santa turned out to be the lovely Sophie. You can find her twitter here.

This is how my parcel arrived to me. The care and thought put into this parcel was so wonderful. I loved the little candy canes, the sweets and the Disney stickers. Look at how wonderful the wrapping paper is?

The first gift was this lovely Ariel face mitt. I had previously bought an Ariel mitt on a whim but this one is a complete new design and I love it.

The next gift was this beautiful pair of Jack and Sally earrings. Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favourite ever movies, so these are perfect for me!

I always have a pack of tissues in my work bag; they come in handy for me no matter the weather. These went straight into my work bag, which came in handy seeing as I became really ill at the beginning of January.

Another wonderful Ariel themed gift. I’ve seen these shoe liners so many times and just never put them in my basket. I was so happy to receive them in my Gift Exchange parcel.

The final present almost made me cry. These ears are absolutely gorgeous. They come from Closet Geek Site and I cannot wait to wear them on my next trip to Disneyland Paris. Hopefully I get to show Ariel these wonderful creations!

Thank you Sophie for all of my wonderful gifts as part of the #DisneyChristmasGE set up by my other friend Sophie.

a mermaid be waiting for you in mysterious fathoms below


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