Reusing Vintage Books featuring RenovatedBooks

Aloha my wonderful merfolk.

As a blogger, I write and make a lot of lists. Lists for blog post ideas, lists of title ideas, dates and times I am going to publish posts and much much more. I always believe that having a good notebook means you’ll be more organised. I’ve been looking for some more individual looking notepads so of course, my first stop was Etsy. Fitting in with the theme for this week, which is the Wartime Era, I found an Etsy store that sold Mickey and the Beanstalk notepads.


The Etsy store I have found i called Renovated Books. You can find their Etsy store here. They take old and vintage books, some have been damaged, and turn them into notepads, journals and diaries. They sell a lot of Disney inspired notepads and journals but in particular, I am happy to have found Mickey and the Beanstalk notepads.

Mickey and the Beanstalk is one of the two stories included in Fun and Fancy Free. It is a retelling of the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk. It has a cast of Mickey, Donald and Goofy as well as Willie the Giant. I loved this Disney short when I was a child and I still love it today.

This first journal can be found hereย and is made from a 1973 book, published as part of the Walt Disney collection. On making the journal, Michael, the owner of RenovatedBooks, keeps in some of the illustrated pages. I love this. I collected this style of Disney book when I was younger and always found the illustrations to be beautiful. This journal could be used a diary, a bullet journal (as they’ve become quite trendy recently), a sketchbook, a notepad or anything else in between. Or if like me, you feel the need to keep pretty notepads like this pristine to involve making mistakes and ruining the notepad, just keep it as a decoration on your desk.

The second notepad is created from a Mickey and the Beanstalk children’s book from 1999. It contains 140 pages ย to create notes to your hearts content. Again, this could be used for sketching, note taking, blog post ideas, story writing. Anything. You name it, you can use it for those reasons.

These are beautiful books turned into beautiful notepads by an incredibly talented Etsy store owner. If you love books and are looking for something different then I highly suggest RenovatedBooks.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


5 thoughts on “Reusing Vintage Books featuring RenovatedBooks

  1. Oh I love this idea, and they look so cute too! I’m really into upcycling and reusing things, so this is right up my street, and even better that they’re Disney themed too. – Tasha


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