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My Meets with Donald Duck

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Donald Duck is featured in quite a few of the Package/Wartime Era films. He was also featured in a lot of WWII propaganda at the time. Donald became a rather popular Disney character, and now, I completely see why. He is beyond adorable.

I visited Disneyland Paris twice in 2016 and met Donald Duck on both occasions. He is a wonderful character to meet and I wanted to share my experiences of these meets.

Swing into Spring – April 2016

Swing into Spring 2016 was the first time I had seen Donald Duck in almost 10 years. It was extra magic hours and we stood in the queue for a while waiting to meet both Mickey and Donald, who were doing a joint meet and greet. Mickey was the lone reason my mam had agreed to join the queue; she wanted to meet the main man but wasn’t too fussed about meeting Donald. We got to the front of the queue and straight away, Donald rushed over to give both of us the biggest hug. He made sure he was centre of attention and made Mickey wait to give us a hug. Donald then linked arms with me and started to walk off past his character attendants and towards Main Street. He needed to be convinced by both of his attendants that he couldn’t go for a journey around the park with me. We then posed for our photos (sorry Mickey but this is Donalds post, so I cropped you out) and got lots of hugs and kisses before leaving Donald and Mickey behind. This meet and greet changed my mams opinion on Donald Duck completely and now he finds him one of the most adorable characters.

Halloween 2016

This was another extra magic hours meet with my favourite Duck. It was quite cold this morning but we made our way straight down Main Street to stand in the queue and wait. We weren’t too far back so didn’t have to wait long amongst the sounds of ghosts and views of pumpkins. Once we got to the front, I couldn’t help but skip to Donald, give him a massive hug and tell him it was nice to see him again.

I don’t care that I am an adult that waits in queues to meet Disney characters. It makes me happy to meet them and cheers me up to get a hug from them. Happiness is important and not an emotion I feel all too often. So if meeting Donald Duck makes me the happiest person on earth for five minutes, then let me have that. No adult should feel ashamed for wanting to meet Disney characters.

I plan on meeting Donald again when I go back to Disneyland Paris in November; another trip I have planned with my mam. I can’t wait for more hugs off my favourite Duck.

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8 thoughts on “My Meets with Donald Duck

  1. Your photos with Donald Duck are so cute. I’m hopefully going to Disneyworld this year and I’m definitely going to act like a big child and get photos with all the characters. You’re not the only one! x


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