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DLP25: Stars on Parade Concept First Impressions!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Disneyland Paris turns 25 this year; on April 12th to be exact. In the last week or so, a lot of information has been released about the new parade that will wind it’s way through main Street USA. It will be called Stars on Parade and it’s starting to look a lot more fabulous than everyone first thought!

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Firstly, I’ll share with you this video, uploaded to the Disneyland Paris Youtube account. It is in French so you’ll need to change the settings to allow YouTube to self generate English subtitles; unless you speak French of course:


The images above is a design for one of the two brand new floats coming to Disneyland Paris!

This first float is going to be called the ‘Queen of Snow’ float. It was, of course, a natural guess that Frozen would be involved in this parade somewhere. It is still an incredibly popular Disney film and as much as I am sick of seeing it everywhere, I completely understand why Disney cash in on its success. Plus, it’s high demand so it would be silly not to include it somewhere.

I may be sick of Frozen, but this float looks so colourful and cute that I cannot wait to see it in person, in it’s full glory. The float will come in two parts; the first is Sven pulling a rather colourful sleigh followed by the Ice Castle where it is believed that Anna and Elsa will stand and interact with guests.

The next brand new float to be a part of Stars on Parade is this:


Discover a New World is the title for this beautiful looking Finding Nemo/Dory float. Look at all of the wonderful colours on this float? Disney have said that Nemo and Dory will be represented by puppets that will move in front of the float as they ‘fly over Main Street’.

From drawing, to miniature model. This float looks adorable and I can’t stop mentioning the bright colours. I’m hoping DLP will keep up to date with maintenance of these floats as they’re so bright and magical looking.

One of the things I am super excited about when it comes to the new parade, is the Steampunk Maleficent Dragon. I have seen photos of these from the Festival of Fantasy parade in Walt Disney World and I have always wished I could see it. Who wouldn’t want to see a fire breathing dragon?


Discover the Magic is the starting float of this wonderful new parade. It will feature Mickey and his friends (will Duffy make a true come back after his jaunts with Santa over the Christmas period?) as they look out onto the coming parade using their magic telescope. I love this idea. Sort of reminds me of the Cinema Parade from the studios, where Donald looked out onto the rest of the parade. Again, this is a very Steampunk design for the parade. Perhaps we’ll get to keep our wonderful Discoveryland theme and it won’t turn into Star Wars land? I can dream right? Either ways, the first parade to be seen for Stars on Parade looks amazing so far!

The carriages we currently see in magic on parade will be re-themed for the Discover Romance section of Stars on Parade. Rapunzel will now be one of the three princesses seen on parade and is rumoured to take the place of Aurora. This makes me super sad as Aurora is one of my favourite princesses so I’ll be sad to see her go. Would have loved to have seen Ariel and Eric being brought back to the parade, but no. Ah well.


As well as the recycling of some of our own parade pieces, we are gaining a couple of floats previously seen at Tokyo Disneyland. This excites me a lot as Tokyo Disneyland is top of my other parks to visit list.

The Lion King, Jungle Book and Peter Pan floats are formerly of Jubilation from Tokyo Disneyland. Look how pretty they look? Having seen advertisements for auditions on the Disney website, I know they are looking for a Mowgli, so this is super exciting news. Although we’ve seen these three movies included in magic on Parade, at least they’re getting new floats in as well as including new characters. Positives, am I right?

And finally, for those who do not wish to hear this and spoil the parade, I’d advise you not to click play. Earlier this week, a portion of the Stars on Parade music was released. Or leaked. Personally, I believe it was the latter. Which is in itself rather sad but I’ve heard it now, as have the majority of the Disney community and so, I am going to give my opinion on it here.

Now, It’s a very short clip. Almost like a teaser of the song we are going to hear. Opinion on it were mixed with a lot of people saying they hated it and that it was nothing like what Disney had had in the past. Perhaps this is a good thing? Yeah it sounds quite Eurovision-Pop but again, that might not be a bad thing. From this one minute snippet alone, I actually quite like it and cant wait to hear what it sounds like in person. Don’t forget, each float is going to have their movie soundtrack that ties in with the main parade soundtrack. So don’t be too shocked if you don’t really notice the song from that clip when watching the parade in person.

Are you excited for the new parade? I know I am. Even though I will miss Magic on parade very much, I know change needs to happen and I feel that this is a good step forward for Disneyland Paris.

It’s time to sparkle!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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