100 Facts About Cinderella

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

This weeks theme is Cinderella, a very popular Disney movie and the first of the Silver Era of movies. I loved this movie as a child and even to this day, it is still up there as one of my favourite Princess movies. I remember having lots of Cinderella merchandise from Disneyland Paris when I was younger and I remember loving it.

So let’s start Cinderella week!


  1. Cinderella was the first feature length Disney film since Bambi.
  2. It was released in 1950.
  3. It is the twelfth Disney animated feature film.
  4. It had a budget of $2.9million.
  5. The film is based on the fairy tale Cinderella by Charles Perrault written in 1697.
  6. He introduced key elements to the story such as the fairy godmother, the pumpkin coach and the glass slippers.
  7. In Perraults version, there are lizards who are turned into footmen.
  8. These were cut from the Disney version.
  9. The directing credits for the movie go to Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske and Wilifred Jackson
  10. The songs were written by Mack David, Jerry Livingston and Al Hoffman.
  11. The film was a massive critical and commercial success on its release.
  12. It is considered one of the best American animated films ever made.
  13. Helene Stanley provided the live action model for Cinderella.
  14. She also provided the liv action model for Anastasia Tremaine.
  15. Ilene Woods was Cinderella’s voice actor.
  16. Both of these ladies heavily influenced Cinderella’s stylings and mannerisms.
  17. Animators modelled Prince Charming on actor Jeffrey Stone
  18. Mike Douglas provided the Princess singing voice.
  19. This was because he was told his Illinois/Chicago accent would not do for the speaking role.
  20. William Phepps provided the acting voice of Prince Charming.
  21. In original drafts, the Prince had a larger role and was more developed than in the version we see today.
  22. ‘Cinderella Work Song’ was a sequence cut from the movie set in a fantasy sequence where Cinderella multiplies herself in order to get her chores done so she may go to the ball.
  23. Cinderella was the first Disney movie to have its soundtrack published and copyrighted under the Walt Disney Music Company.
  24. Bibbidi-Bobbiti-Boo became a hit single four times.
  25. Perry Como and the Fontaine Sisters recorded notable versions of this song.
  26. Ilene Woods beat 309 girls for the part as Cinderella.
  27. She originally had no idea she was auditioning for the part until Disney contacted her.
  28. She made recordings with some friends who then sent them into Disney.
  29. Disney never gave Ilene Woods a formal audition for the role of Cinderella.
  30. Walt reportedly thought that Woods had a fairytale tone to her voice that would be perfect for Cinderella.
  31. In 2003, Ilene Woods was awarded a Disney Legends award for her voice work on Cinderella.
  32. Walt Disney pioneered the use of double tracked vocals whilst making Cinderella.
  33. The film was originally released in theatres on February 15th
  34. It was then rereleased in 1957, 1965, 1973, 1981, 1987 and 2013.
  35. Cinderella cost almost $3million to make.
  36. Cinderella was the 5th most popular movie at the British box office in 1951.
  37. Cinderella currently has a score of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes.
  38. The film received three Academy Award nominations.
  39. One for Best Sound, one for Best Original Score and one for Best Original Song.
  40. Cinderella won the Golden Bear award at the first Berlin International Film Festival.
  41. It also won the Big Bronze Plate award.
  42. In 2008, Cinderella was acknowledged by the American Film Institute as the 9th greatest film in their animation genre.
  43. In the original French version of the story, the slippers were made of fur.
  44. Walt Disney said that Cinderella was his favourite fairytale.
  45. The sequence where Cinderella’s rags turn into the wonderful ball gown we see in the movie was Walt Disney’s favourite piece of animation to ever come out of his studio
  46. This section was animated by Marc Davis.
  47. The film Enchanted has a scene that resembles this piece of animation.
  48. The name of the Prince is never revealed in the movie.
  49. He is also never referred to as Prince Charming.
  50. Some material show that his name is Henri or Henry.
  51. When the platinum version of the movie was released on VHS and DVD, the colour of Cinderella’s ball gown was recoloured to blue to match the merchandise
  52. The carriage that Cinderella and the Prince use after the wedding has an emblem of a sword with two hidden mickey heads around it
  53. A song called ‘Dancing on a Cloud’ was cut from the film.
  54. In the original Italian version of the story, the Fairy Godmother turns into a cat.
  55. For the German version of the movie, the original opening narration was read by Erika Goerner.
  56. In re-releases however it was replaced by a new narration read by Joachim Pukass.
  57. The original German version has never been made available since.
  58. If Cinderella had failed at the box office, Disney would have gone bankrupt.
  59. The studio was already $4million in debt.
  60. Cinderella loses a shoe three times in the film
  61. The first is when she is delivering the breakfast trays.
  62. The second is when she is running away from the ball.
  63. The third is when she is walking down the steps with the Prince as her new husband.
  64. Cinderella was the first movie to be worked on by all nine of the legendary ‘Nine Old Men’ of the Walt Disney Animation department.
  65. At least 90% of the movie was done in live-action model before animation.
  66. Cinderella’s carriage was a live-action model painted white with black lines.
  67. Gus’ full name is Octavius.
  68. All the animal characters in Cinderella were written to speak
  69. Major had a song entitled Horse-Sense’ which he sang with Bruno after being scolded for growling at Lucifer.
  70. This was the first movie where Walt Disney turned to Tin Pan Alley songwriters to write songs.
  71. The film takes place roughly in June.
  72. Ilene Woods suffered with Alzheimer’s in the later years of her life.
  73. During this time, she couldn’t remember that she played Cinderella but could be comforted by the song A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes.
  74. It is assumed that Lucifer falls to his death from the tower.
  75. However, he is seen in various novelizations and spin offs to be very much alive.
  76. Lucifer was modelled after animator Ward Kimball’s cat.
  77. Screen Directors Playhouse broadcast a 30-minute radio adaption of the movie on June 30, 1950.
  78. The movie was released on home video in 1988.
  79. Cinderella is the seventh Disney animated classic to have the 2006 Walt Disney Pictures logo on it with just Disney at the end of the movie.
  80. Eleanor Audley performed the voice of Lady Tremaine.
  81. Lucifer the cat was voiced by June Foray.
  82. She later became known for being the voice of Granny in Tweety and Sylvester cartoons.
  83. Jimmy McDonald provided the voices for Jaq, Gus and Bruno the dog.
  84. McDonald is considered a veteran Disney sound effect artist.
  85. A chopped sequence from the movie had Cinderella eavesdrop on her Stepmother and Stepsisters talking about the mystery woman at the ball and have her look amused at the fact they did not recognise her.
  86. Walt Disney cut this scene as he did not want Cinderella to look spiteful.
  87. Over the years, Cinderella has earned more than $263.6million at the box offices.
  88. Disney has released two direct-to-video sequels: Cinderella II: Dreams Come True in 2002 and Cinderella III: A Twist in Time in 2007.
  89. Cinderella’s Castle is the signature landmark at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, Florida.
  90. In the original movie, Cinderella’s hair was a dark orange and not the blonde we see on all of her merchandise.
  91. Cinderella was the first Disney Princess to marry into a Royal family instead of inheriting the throne.
  92. Cendrillon, the French title of the movie, translates to Little Ash Girl.
  93. In 2015, Disney released a live action version of Cinderella staring Lily James as the titular character.
  94. Almost 30 years before he made Cinderella into a feature length film, Walt made a short film as the last of his Laugh-O-Gram series.
  95. This short is included as an extra on the Cinderella Platinum Edition DVD.
  96. The dress Cinderella wears to the ball references French haute couture and more precisely, the stylings of Christian Dior.
  97. It is said that Salvador Dali inspired the dress that that Cinderella wears which is torn apart by her stepsisters.
  98. Cinderella’s soundtrack was re-released by Walt Disney Record on CD on February 4th 1997.
  99. Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother have appeared as guests in the House of Mouse television show.
  100. They also appear in the video game Kingdom Hearts.

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4 thoughts on “100 Facts About Cinderella

  1. Wow, this is such an amazing collection of Cinderella facts! I had no idea there were so many odd changes between the original and some of the international versions!

    I love this movie so much! My sister and I watched it a year ago and I still knew every line. I’m excited to see the other activities you have planned for this week!



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