Cinderella on Hungry Designs

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Hungry Designs is an Etsy store ran by the wonderfully talented Amanda Whitelaw. Based in Australia, there are over 200 designs to choose from that have been laser cut into wood and sold on as brooches and earrings. She also sells postcards, stickers and prints of her designs. Her designs are so wonderful and unique and I have been after a few of her prints and brooches for a while now. She has some wonderful Cinderella designs, which fits in with this weeks theme wonderfully!


The first design is Steampunk Cinderella. I love anything Steampunk and I always find Steampunk versions of Disney characters to be wonderful. This design is a high quality A4 print with fade resistance and good colour quality. It’s printed on 300gsm card which lends to fantastic quality.

I first saw the Teacup Designs on Instagram and instantly fell in love with how original and unique the design was. This one is a Cinderella Teacup design brooch. This is also available in a print I believe. The brooch is 7.5cm long and would look wonderful on a cardigan or coat.

The next item from Hungry Designs is this adorable Blue Bird Brooch. This is another design created purposely for Hungry Designs. It is 5cm wide and had a brooch back on the back. This brooch can withstand rain but is not 100% waterproof so needs to be removed from clothing before being put in the washing machine.

The final item that I adore from the Cinderella designs is this Jaq and Gus postcard. Why does snail mail have to be dead? Why does a postcard have to be from a holiday or of a landscape? This can easily be sent to a pen pal, a friend for a birthday or even a family member who’s favourite film is Cinderella. The design is adorable and at only £1.45, you can’t go wrong with the pricing.

Please be aware that Hungry Designs is based in Australia so there may be a customs charge once it arrives in the UK.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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