Alternative Cinderella’s

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I am a big fan of art work, especially alternative artwork. I love it when people take Disney characters and switch them up a bit. Within reason though. Don’t get too R rated on me with those Disney characters. I like to keep my childlike innocence when it comes to Disney, thank you very much.

However, like I said, I do enjoy looking at the artwork or edits that give Disney characters an alternative edge. So, I thought I’d have a look around the interwebs and see what wonderful and beautiful designs I could find!



This first design is by ClocktowerMan on DeviantArt. I’ve seen this design floating around the internet so much. I love horror, but zombies were never my favourite aspect of that genre however, I love these designs. They include aspects of the movies we all know and recognise and so we instantly know it’s a zombie version of a Disney favourite. ClocktowerMan has also designed lots of other zombie Disney Princesses. Go to their DeviantArt and check them out.


The next design is a retro/rockabilly Cinderella look by Emmanuel Viola. This design has a more classy look than the previous one, probably given the fact she’s not a dead zombie this time. Instead, shes a retro vixen with tattoos relevant to the Disney story telling. She retains her blue sparkling ball gown but now has a blue stripe in her hair, piercings and tattoos.


These designs are some of my all time favourite alternative Disney style illustrations. These are Twisted Princesses by Jeffrey Thomas. I love the fact that Cinderella is a rag doll in this illustration and that she has burst out from within her own pumpkin. Jeffrey Thomas is a marvellous artist with so many wonderful ideas. His entire Twisted Princess collection is gorgeous. I love them all.


The final design is by Tim Shumate. These are another style of design that has been floating around the internet on everything from t-shirts to phone covers. This Cinderella design is another vintage inspired illustration. Again, Cinderella sports tattoos that are relevant to her movie and the banner on the bottom is of the most beautiful song from the movie.

Which one of these designs is your favourite? Have you found any other alternative Disney designs?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below.


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