The Grimm True Story of Cinderella

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As with many fairytales, the original stories are much much darker than what we know and recognise from the Disney versions. The Brothers Grimm were known for their dark and rather gruesome stories and their telling of Cinderella is no different.

Let’s have a look at the rather gruesome and gory differences between the Grimm version of the story and the Disney version.


  • When her Stepmother took over and turned Cinderella from her stepdaughter into her maid, she made the young girl get rid of her fancy clothes and wear nothing but a grey sheet made into a gown and a pair of wooden shoes. I think those would cause horrific splinters in poor Cinders’ feet.
  • The magic in this version of the story does not come from a Fairy Godmother. When Cinderellas dad gets away on business, she asks him to bring back the branch that knocks his hat off on his travels back home. She sticks this hazel branch on her mothers grave and cries on it. This then grows into a magical tree that goes on to grant all of her wishes. Poor Fairy Godmother, getting the chop from the story.
  • In order to try and fool the prince into thinking they were his lost princess, the step-sisters mutilated themselves. One of the stepsisters cuts off her own big toes in order to fit into the glass slipper. The other cuts off her heel for the same reason. The Prince was notified to this deception by singing birds and the fact there was blood everywhere.
  • In the Brothers Grimm version of the story, Cinderella’s father is am abusive monster. At times, he refers to her as his first wifes daughter instead of his daughter. He also refers to her as a stunted kitchen-wench.
  • As Cinderella and the Prince get married, one stepsister is on the left and the other sister on the right of the couple. As they walk down the aisle, pigeons pecked out the eyes of the wicked stepsisters, punishing the for their awful behaviour towards Cinderella.

The most gruesome parts of the Grimms telling of Cinderella, happens to the stepsisters; losing their feet and their eyes.

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8 thoughts on “The Grimm True Story of Cinderella

  1. I have the Grimm Brother’s fairy tales at home and it’s safe to say they were very grim! The stories that they based theirs on was even worse… especially with Rapunzel. I’m still quite disturbed by a lot of them and the women in them never get treated well unless they were extremely beautiful, so I’m glad that Disney changed them a little bit.


    1. Yeah, I’m glad that Disney changed them to be more friendly stories. I’m unsure why such tales were so Grimm and disturbing in the first place. Not very bed time friendly for children! πŸ˜‚


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