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A Lucifer Disneybound!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Another themed week. Another villain. Another Disneybound. I love being able to share Disneybounds with you in alternative styles; styles I would personally wear myself too!

Today, with it being Cinderella week, I try a Lucifer Disneybound. I also try a fifties inspired Disneybound for you today. I love fifties clothes, but sadly, I don’t ow too many pieces. I need to broaden my wardrobe and include some more of these beautiful pieces.


First, lets have a look at the lovely Lucifer!


Now lets have a look at the Disneybound.

Although Lucifer is not strictly black and white (he is more of a grey/brown), I still feel that this look will say Lucifer. This beautiful black and white swing dress is from Pretty Kitty Fashion and looks like it would be such a wonderful shape when on. These Lulu heels are from Collectif clothing. They also come in black and red if you wanted to use them for a different ‘bound. Although beneath the dress, these cat tights won’t be seen, I still thought they were cute. They can be fund on eBay for many different and cheap prices. For those colder days, throw on this wonderful faux fur shrug from Collectif Clothing.

Now for accessories; something no ‘bound is complete without. The first is this Lucifer broach, which can also be bought in a ring or a bracelet depending on your style. This wonderful creation comes from MyHoard on Etsy. The adorable little cat choker is also from Etsy, a shop called LoloBunnyDesigns. The final accessory is from one of my favourite shops. I first discovered Rogue and Wolf on Instagram. I then followed them on Twitter and lust over their stuff all the time. This cat skull ring is £16.80.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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