DLP25: New Costumes First Impression!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

With a birthday celebration, comes new costumes for our favourite characters to wear. The 25th anniversary is the Time to Sparkle, and in their new costumes, Mickey and Minnie will do just that.


The colour theme for the 25th is blue and silver and look how adorable Mickey and Minnie look in their special outfits.

Firstly, Disneyland Paris is finally getting the ‘new look’ Mickey and Minnie and don’t they look wonderful? At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked their new design but now I fully accept them and can’t wait to hug Mickey and Minnie again in November.

I love the blue and silver theme; it looks so magical. It is rumoured that Mickey will wear this costume during the new show, Mickey Presents: Happy Birthday Disneyland Paris. Minnie will wear her sparkling new dress to meet and greet with guest at the Boarding House.

This photo shoot is super adorable, especially the selfie photo. The costumes are beautiful. My only worry is that they’re made from a velvet type material which is what they look like in the photographs. I can’t stand to touch velvet, it makes me shudder. Hopefully, it’s just the was the outfits look in these photographs.

Either ways, I can’t wait to meet both Mickey and Minnie in their 25th anniversary outfits. Hopefully they are still wearing them in November. I do have a feeling they may be in their Christmas finest but I can hope and dream of seeing these glorious costumes.

a mermaid be waiting for you in mysterious fathoms below


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