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Alice Tea Review Collab with TeaisAWish

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Today, I bring you a collaboration with one of my favourite bloggers; Kim from Tea Is A Wish.

Whittards Chelsea do a wonderful Alice in Wonderland tea collection. So, with it being Alice in Wonderland week, I was super excited to review it. Also, who else would I collaborate with on a tea review?

This is my first ever review of this kind. I am no tea expert by any stretch of the imagination but I do love a good brew.


I bought the English Breakfast tea to review as I thought it would be the type of tea I would enjoy. Now, I am far from a tea connoisseur, but I know what I like. This purchase marks the first time I every bought and used loose leaf tea, so, I had to buy a tea infuser as well.


This English Breakfast has only one ingredient: Black Tea. It is suitable for both Vegetarians and Vegans. It comes in a mini caddy and costs £7. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting the caddy to be as small as it was for the £7 but, it is pretty full with loose tea. I love the fact the tin has original Alice illustrations on too. They’re beautiful. I should point out that the Cheshire Cat is a lego mini figure and sadly does not come with the tea order.

My first impressions of the infuser as that it was the creepiest Alice I have ever seen. The model on the ed of the chain could be slightly better quality. The paint job means her eyes look in different directions, which is slightly unsettling. However, owning an Alice infuser is still pretty cute.

As mentioned, this was my first time using loose leaf tea. I had no idea how much to put into the infuser. I like my tea strong and I use barely any milk. I also take it with no sugar. I don’t think I put the right amount of tea leaves into the infuser or I didn’t leave it in the boiled water long enough as it was rather weak. I don’t believe this is due to the quality of the tea at all.

I allowed it to brew for a couple of minutes. I think next time I shall leave it in for longer and allow the tea to proper work its magic.

On first taste of this tea, it’s lovely. I am a girl of simple tastes when it comes to my tea. I usually see tea as tea and can drink any type of regular black leaf tea. This breakfast tea is no exception. Once I get the hang of how much leaf to place into the infuser, this will make a wonderful cup of tea.

It is tasty and refreshing as far as teas go. I also think it’s perfect for the first brew of the day, even if it is slightly more effort than popping your average teabag into your mug. Sometimes though, it’s nice to try something new.

I would recommend this tea to a friend. Especially a tea lover who is a Disney fan. Once the tea is all used up, the tin would be a beautiful storage container for smaller items. I think I may purchase other items in the Alice collection. I especially want to try the English Rose tea, which Kim is reviewing over on her blog, and the Queen of Hearts strawberry biscuits.

You can read Kim review of the English Rose Alice tea from Whittard Chelsea over on on her blog, here.

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One thought on “Alice Tea Review Collab with TeaisAWish

  1. This sounds lovely! I do like the blends that Whittards do, and Ariel your mug is lovely. I see what you mean about the tea infuser with the paint job, but it is very cute, and I think it looks lovely dangling over the side of the mug there. I’ve not tried loose leaf black tea before, but this sounds lovely so will have to give it a go if I get the chance! – Tasha


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