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A Queen of Hearts Disneybound

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Another fabulous villain means another excuse for a Disneybound post. And shockingly, this one includes a splash of colour! The Queen of Hearts wouldn’t be the Queen of Hearts without red and so, I have to ditch my black only habits and broaden my colour horizons!


Lets start with the clothing items of this Disneybound. This Victorian style blouse is from ChicStar and can be found on The Gothic Shop website. It took me a while to find a red blouse that I liked and that wasn’t just your standard office job style blouse. The skirt is just from Amazon and is only £11.20. The shoes are probably the most expensive part of this Disneybound, but aren’t they fabulous? These are the Funtasma Queen-03 shoes and they’re about £60, depending on where you buy them.

Next, lets have a look at accessory options. These Queen of Hearts earrings are from an Etsy store called Rockshore Accessories. The heart tights I found on Amazon for £1.45. You can probably find similar in any high street store such as Primark/New Look in the UK or Target/Hot Topic in the US. The brooch is from Hungry Design and is made from laser cut wood. I love all of the Disney designs by Amanda Whitelaw. The final accessory is a Queen of Hearts necklace from SugahNSpice.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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