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DLP25: Decorations First Impressions!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Disneyland Paris always does decorations so well in my opinion. I adore how they decorate the park for the different seasons so for a birthday celebration, I can imagine the place will look amazing.

A few weeks ago, a video was released to the Disneyland Paris YouTube channel, explaining all the new ideas and decorations they have for the 25th Anniversary!


First, here’s the YouTube video Disneyland Paris uploaded to their account. It is in French so you will need to change the settings to allow YouTube to auto-generate English subtitles. Unless you speak French of course:

First things first, lets have a look at the main decorations. On Main Street Station, there is always something grand and spectacular to welcome you. For the 25th Anniversary, there will be a large 25 medallion in blue and silver on the front of Main Street Station, welcoming you to the parks.

As you walk into Disneyland Parc, a brand new gazebo will welcome you. I’m sad that the traditional DLP Main Street Gazebo is leaving us. I’ve had so many wonderful memories stood by the Gazebo watching the parades and cavalcades. But, its been 25 years so it’s time for a change and looking at the design below it’s going to be a wonderful gazebo. the final design below is for Central Plaza. Mickey, Minnie and Tinkrbell will be placed in the flower beds and will be surrounded by blue and silver, creating the shape of a star.

Also on Main Street Station, the windows will be decorated with sparkling blue and silver drapes of fabric. These drapes are rumoured to feature Micky, Minnie, Donald and Pluto. I love this idea. In the video you can see that the shimmering circles the drapes are made from, will glitter beautiful in the sun light and will probably sway with the breeze. Lovely.


The streetlamps of Main Street USA will be bedecked¬†with similar silver and blue 25 medallions as to what is on Main Street Station and the new gazebo. On top of the street lamps, Tinkerbell will sprinkle her pixie dust, creating magic. Tinkerbell features a lot in the 25th anniversary decorations; she must be very popular with the DLP crowd. Personally, I’m not a big Tinkerbell fan but I understand why people love her.

Finally, we get some wonderful new meet and greet locations. These will be installed into some of the walkways of Disneyland Paris and will be themed to the ride they are beside. So like below, Big Thunder Mountain, Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Le Carrousel de Lancelot. I love the idea of more photo locations. I know this doesn’t always mean character meet and greet but places with wonderful backgrounds you can get memorable photographs in front of. Not that there aren’t plenty of beautiful places in Disneyland Paris already to get your photo take in front of.

Minnie is going to be meeting guests in her usual place, the Boarding House, but will be wearing her wonderful new, 25th anniversary dress. Donald will also have his own meet and greet area, up by Caseys Corner. He too will be wearing his wonderful new, 25th anniversary outfit. I personally love it when you get to meet characters in outfits associated with a season or an event. I’ve met characters in their Spring outfits and also their Halloween outfits. Wonderful memories.

Do you think these decorations will live up to previous anniversary celebrations? Are they looking better?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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