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Why is Peter Pans Flight So Popular?

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I really enjoy talking about the Disney parks and I have decided I need to talk about them more. Fantasyland is one of my favourite areas of Disneyland Paris, the park I consider my home park and the only Disney park I have visited.

In Fantasyland there is a ride based on the Disney movie, Peter Pan. It is a suspended dark ride called Peter Pans Flight. A wonderful ride that takes you on a flight over London and Neverland. This ride is featured in five of the six Disney parks across the world and has proven to be one of the most popular attractions in any park.




Peter Pan’s Flight opened with the Disneyland park in Anaheim California in 1955. The original version featured scenes of the Nursery, London, Neverland, Skull Rock and finally the climactic scene of Hook and the Crocodile.

In 1983, the ride received a renovation. The ride would now include audio-animatronic versions of the characters and would include new scenes such a the scene where Peter and Hook duel on the ships bowsprit.

Magic Kingdom


Peter Pan’s Flight opened in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World on October 1st, 1971. This version of the ride includes an omni-mover, or people mover style travelling belt to aid with loading guests and to make for smoother flow. the Lost Boys Camp and Mermaid Lagoon are included in this version of the Neverland scene. Hooks ship is also in this version and is 48ft long. This scene includes Peter and Hook battling, the Lost Boys roped to the mast and Wendy about to walk the plank.

In 2014, the indoor queue was updated to include interactive murals and high attention to detail. Peter Pan’s Flight is connected to Walt Disney Worlds FastPass reservation system.

Disneyland Paris


The Disneyland Paris version of this attraction is almost identical to the Disneyland Version. However, Paris’s vehicles accommodate up to four guests instead of three. It is also a FastPass ride. Peter Pan’s Flight tends to gain a long queue in the morning and it stays long all day due to the slow nature of the loading system. It is best to enjoy this ride during Extra Magic Hours if you can. The ride recently underwent a long refurbishment. The scenes are now brighter and far more aesthetically pleasing. The ride also feels a lot smoother due to the improved ride system.

Tokyo Disneyland


Peter Pan’s Flight opened at Tokyo Disneyland in 1983 and is very similar to the Magic kingdom version. This version only lasts approximately two and a half minutes, compared with Disneyland Paris’ three minute ride. This ride can only hold two guests per Galleon.

In 2016, the attraction went through a refurbishment to include new visual effects and new scenes. Guests now fly over Neverland at night before flying past the Lost Boys, the Mermaid and the Indians.

Shanghai Disneyland


Shanghai Disneyland opened on June 16th 2016 and Peter Pan’s Flight opened with it. This version of the attraction features four person Galleons which can change speed and stop. Shanghai Disneylands version includes enhanced versions of the scenes found in every other version of the attraction.

The only Disney park to not feature this attraction is Hong Kong Disneyland.

I believe Peter Pans Flight is such a popular attraction is because it can appeal to people of all ages. The ride if child friendly so families can enjoy it. Those who do not like roller coasters and opt for something more gentle can enjoy it. It is based off one of Disneys most popular movies. One that is so well loved amongst fans. It is obvious that a well loved film could translate into a wonderful and well loved attraction.

It is also a classic Disney ride. It was there for the opening of the original Disney park in Anaheim California; the park Walt designed himself. It was also included in Walt Disney World that Walt had started to design prior to his death. I believe this makes Disney parks fans more eager to ride the attraction in every park they can.

It’s a wonderful and charming ride. Although short and sweet it is well worth a wait in a queue or returning with a FastPass.

If you’re ever in a Disney park, give the ride a chance. I bet you’ll love it!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below.


One thought on “Why is Peter Pans Flight So Popular?

  1. I’ve never been to any of the parks so reading posts like these is a way I can live vicariously through these! I love the attention to detail on all of the rides that I’ve seen posts about and this one looks no different and I love that it’s one of the original rides too. – Tasha


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