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Neverland on EMP

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I am back with another window shop on the wonderful EMP website. I love scrolling through clothes websites and creating excessively long wishlists of clothes I know I don’t have the money for. We can all dream can’t we?

I thought I would conclude Peter Pan week with a fashion Friday-esque post. Let’s take the second star to the right and head straight on to EMP and their wonderful Peter Pan selection!


Neverland Clock Dress, Neverland Skull Dress, Wallpaper Dress

Neverland Captain Jacket, Neverland Skull Tee, Take Me To Neverland, Neverland Tee

I am loving the wallpaper dress from this collection. It looks rather Victoriana which fits my style personally. I love anything with the ‘Peter Pan’ style collar. I think it’s very flattering and makes for a very lovely neck line. If I were to purchase anything from the EMP Peter Pan collection, it would be that dress. I do also love the clock dress too. It’s simple yet still Peter Pan. I don’t particularly like dresses that have too much going on so the fact the print is only along the bottom of the skirt is a win win with me.

There are so many wonderful Neverland items on EMP for you to chose from. Ranging from a keyring at £3.99 to the Neverland Skull dress you see above at £67.99. Take a look for yourself on this link.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


3 thoughts on “Neverland on EMP

  1. Oh my gosh, these are all so gorgeous! I love that Neverland Clock Dress, how beautiful! If I had the budget I would quite happily buy all of these pieces, they’re just lovely! – Tasha


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