An ItsLizi Review: Lady and the Tramp

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Today I bring you a review. A review of a wonderful little Etsy business ran by a friend of mine. The store is called ItsLizi and you can find it on the link here. I own quite a few items from Lizi’s store and have bought a couple to give as Christmas presents. Her work is wonderful and today, I am going to show you all why.


As mentioned already this week, Lady and the Tramp is one of my favourite Disney films. I find it beautiful charming and adorable. It was one of my favourites as a child and continues to be one of my favourites now I am an adult. So, when I saw that Lizi was selling a Lady and the Tramp heart plaque, I knew I had to have one.


Look at how adorable this is? The scene is from a Thomas Kinkade calendar and  his art work is beautiful.

The quality of he products Lizi sells are fantastic. The edges of the hearts are smooth so no risk of splinters from the wood.The image is perfectly stuck with no frayed parts and smooth lines. The ribbon is wonderful quality and always looks so wonderful against the design. The final and rather fabulous touch is the glitter that is layered on top of the image.

Plaques of this size are £4.85 plus shipping. This is an exceptionally good price considering how much hard work goes into each plaque to make it wonderful an unique. Once ordered, delivery was quick, especially given the fact Lizi was in Disneyland Paris the week following my order. It came wonderfully packaged in a padded envelope that was filled with wonderful Mickey confetti. Lizi gives each parcel a personal touch, making it seem less like a business and more friendly and approachable.

I can’t fault her friendly service and wonderful products. I have purchased many things from her store and I plan to purchase more in the future.

If you want to see what else Lizi has on her store, you can visit her Etsy here.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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