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Bella Notte in Disneyland Paris

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Disneyland Paris is my home park. It’s the closest to the country I live in and it’s the only Disney park I have been able to visit. I adore this park and always will. One of my favourite areas of the park is Fantasyland. As you leave Main Street USA and walk down past the Castle Stage, you will come to the Fantasyland archway. Continue walking a on your left, will be Pizzeria Bella Notte.

This is one of my favourite places to eat in Parc Disneyland purely because it has two vegetarian options for me to chose from. I ate here on my Swing into Spring trip in April 2016 and I would happily eat there again.



Firstly, let’s have a look at how beautiful the outside theming is. I believe this restaurant is one of the most beautifully themed across the entire Parc Disneyland. The outside seating area is wonderful on a warm and sunny day and is right on the parade route. So, if you don’t mind not being right at the front for the parade, then this is the perfect place to grab some food and watch the parade go by.


The murals and the paintings on this restaurants walls are fantastic. The beautiful theme doesn’t stop on the outside of the building.

There is a rather large seating area on the inside which is beautifully decorated to the theme of the Italian restaurant that Lady and Tramp visit. You can even see Tony and Joe as statues by the archway. Wonderful paintings of scenes from the movie can be seen on the walls.

Now that we know the theme and decoration of the restaurant is beautiful and one not to be missed, what is the menu like?

If you want to see fully the menus of Disneyland Paris, I can highly recommend DLP Guide.


Menu 1 is of course the cheapest meal deal option in this restaurant. You can choose from either a vegetarian and vegan Neapolitan pasta or a Bolognaise. You either get a side salad or garlic bread and the choice of a soft drink. Menu 1 is 11.99€.

Menu 2 is the Lasagna option. Again you can choose from a side salad or garlic bread and from a range of soft drinks. Menu 2 also comes with the option of either a Greek style yoghurt or a Tirimasu as a dessert. Menu 2 is 12.99€.

Menu 3 is the largest and most expensive meal deal at Bella Notte. Menu 3 is another meal deal that includes a vegetarian option. You can choose from a Royal which is Ham and Olives or a 3 Cheese pizza. This comes with the choice of either a side salad or garlic bread, a fresh fruit cup or a magnum ice cream and a refreshing drink. This meal deal will cost you 14.99€.

The children’s menu is very similar to the adults, with similar options just in smaller portions. There is an a la carte menu so you are able to buy items separately if you do not fancy a full meal.

If you love Lady and the Tramp, Italian food and wish to be surrounded by the beautiful song Bella Notte then this is definitely a restaurant for you. Keep up to date with the restaurants opening hours on the Disneyland Paris website or, turn up and hope for the best. Don’t be put off if the doors are closed though. I noticed the doors of restaurants be closed a lot and they were still trading. So just give them a pull!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below.


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