Top 3 Lady and the Tramp Songs

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I haven’t done a Top 3 style post in what feels like forever and what better week to do another one than Lady and the Tramp week? It is one of my favourite films after all.

The majority of the music for Lady and the Tramp was written by Peggy Lee; who also performed a few of the songs in the film. The music in this move is amazing, both the lyrical songs and the soundtrack. There might be difficult choices ahead.


3. He’s A Tramp

I love this song and I love Peg the dog. I always find myself singing along and then continuing to sing this song way after it’s ended. He’s a Tramp but I love him … and I wish that I could travel his way.

2. We Are Siamese

Although this song has been deemed as racist, it is extremely catchy. I remember getting a Si and Am toy in my Happy Meal from McDonalds when I was a child. I loved that little toy and would sing this song whilst moving the cats heads in sync.Β This song and Si and Am’s behaviour just prove why I am a dog person and not a cat person!

1. Bella Notte

I adore this song. It is such a wonderful love song. It also reminds of me of sitting and waiting for the parade outside Bella Notte restaurant in Disneyland Paris. The spaghetti scene is Hollywood iconic now and is just super adorable. Lady and Tram won over my heart with this song and it is definitely my favourite song from the movie.

What is your favourite song from Lady and the Tramp?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


20 thoughts on “Top 3 Lady and the Tramp Songs

  1. He’s a tramp is definitely my favourite song from Lady and the Tramp. I was only talking about Disney films with my neighbour when having lunch with her earlier. Lady and the Tramp is in my top 25 Disney movies. When it comes to songs in a Disney movie though you can’t get much better than the songs in The Lion King πŸ™‚


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