A Story of Dogs

Aloha my wonderful merfolk.

In the 1950s, Walt Disney began hosting his very own television show for ABC. This show first aired in 1954 under the name Disneyland. Walt provided ABC with the hour long television show in exchange for their funding towards the construction of his theme park in Anaheim California; also called Disneyland. the show gave behind the scenes glimpses at the construction of the theme park as well as sneak peaks at movies the studios were working on or had worked on.

One episode was dedicated to the dogs of Disney and in particular, the dogs of Lady and the Tramp. This episode first aired on December 1st 1954.


I managed to find episodes of the show on YouTube, which I am very much looking forward to watching. The episode, A Story of Dogs is split into two parts and so, I will discuss each pat separately.

I do love that Walt presents this how himself and it isn’t down to an animator or simply just a narrator. I also love the fact Walt see’s Lady and Tramp as a fun picture due to the fact they had full free reign to create a story. I am very much a dog person so all of these cuties they had to choose from for their main characters, steal my heart. All of the storyboards are so beautiful; they would make wonderful posters for your bedroom wall.

I love seeing all of the animators and staff that helped create one of my favourite Disney movies. It’s also interesting to see voice actors in the same room when recording their lines instead of separately.

The backgrounds of this movie are beautiful. I could sit and watch the background artists paint every background. I love learning how animated movies were created sixty plus years ago.

I always find it so interesting to learn how animation was done all those years ago and how Walt first started out. This show was short but it gave us a small insight into the ways they created Lady and the Tramp and also allowed us to see the people behind this fantastic movie.

I highly recommend watching the Disneyland television show on YouTube. Lots of wonderful things to see and learn!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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