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DLP25: Merchandise First Impressions

Aloha my wonderful merfolk.

Another Saturday comes another first impressions post. This time, it’s all about the wonderful new merchandise that has been released ready for the 25th anniversary at Disneyland Paris!

Again, photo credit goes to DLRP Express. Go give their articles on the 25th anniversary a read!


There are so many new and wonderful merchandise items that this is going to be a long blog post!

I am loving all of the Steampunk theming for the merchandise. I prefer Mickeys outfit in the designs to Minnies but only slightly as they both look adorable. I believe it is these outfits or similar that will be worn on parade.

The 25th anniversary train set looks super cool. I would have no reason to buy buy it, or anywhere to put it but for trains fans or collectors of unique Disney items, this is the merchandise for you!

The Tsum Tsums are a piece of merchandise that I have fallen in love with. I really really want Mickey, Minnie and Goofy from this set. I know when I’m there in November they will all be sold out however, which makes me really sad. I quite like the Mickey t-shirt on the left but I don’t tend to buy clothing from Disneyland Paris. Minnie’s merchandise here is too pink for me. Sorry Minnie.

I love the travel mug and all of the brown and red Steampunk merchandise. I love the fact there are a lot of 25 items in these new collections. I feel like having the 25 on items, it will give people more reason to buy them as official birthday merchandise. Those 25 mugs are beautiful!


Again, I don’t really buy clothing in Disneyland Paris but that black 25 t-shirt looks beautiful. That one might be on my list of 25th anniversary merchandise I wish to purchase.

I am all up for these hats! I love hats even though I don’t own that many or feel as if I suit them too much but these are gorgeous! As are those Mickey and Minnie ears propped up against the photo frame.

These more collectable items look lovely. I really like the collection of keys but I know fine well that I could probably not afford them. They’re very nice to look at though!

The Sleeping Beauty Castle is absolutely beautiful and now, you can own it in a glass dome. This would make a wonderful centrepiece for any shelving unit, side board or window sill. Again, another item I would love but wouldn’t be able to afford or have anywhere to put it.

I am not a big fan of gold. I am more of a silver person however, I love the look of the gold Minnie ears with the black bow. I feel like I need a pair of these. As for the golden Tinkerbell items; they look classy and chic but as I said, I don’t like gold and I’m also not a big enough fan of Tinkerbell to warrant buying any of this collection.

Children will be able to beg their parents to buy them these beautiful blue and silver, sparkling princess dresses. The smallest one for very small children is so so cute! I never had dresses this as a child and I don’t currently have children of my own but if I did, I know I would save and save and save so they would be able to have something as special as this dress. I do remember seeing a tweet where the whole set (dress, cape etc) was about 200€+. So mega saving would have to be a thing!

The shop windows also look like they will be beautifully decorated to advertise the 25th merchandise.

What is your favourite piece of 25th anniversary merchandise?

a mermaid be waiting for you in mysterious fathoms below


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