100 Facts About Sleeping Beauty

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Another week, another favourite Disney movie of mine. Since I was a young child, I thought Sleeping Beauty was beautiful. I adored the beginning scene with all the nights and their family flags and different coloured feathers. I also loved the music. It made me feel so so happy.

I am super excited that we’re finally at Sleeping Beauty week!

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  1. Sleeping beauty was originally released to theatres on January 29th
  2. It was distributed by Buena Vista Distribution.
  3. Upon original release, Sleeping Beauty underperformed at the box office and received mixed and critical reviews.
  4. During its original release, Sleeping Beauty grossed $6.2million
  5. It was directed by Les Clarke, Eric Larson and Wolfgang Reitherman.
  6. Writing for Sleeping Beauty has begun in 1951.
  7. Elements of the story came from ideas that had been discarded during the creation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  8. Sleeping Beauty cost $6million to make.
  9. This made it the most expensive film made by Disney by that point.
  10. It was released in Super Technirama 70mm.
  11. The theatrical release of Sleeping Beauty was accompanied by an experimental, Oscar-winning live action short.
  12. Marc Davis was the directing animator for Princess Aurora and Maleficent.
  13. Mit Kahl was the directing animator for Prince Phillip.
  14. Eric Larson directed the entire forest sequence in which Briar rose is talking to her animal friends and then promises she will see Prince Phillip again later in the evening.
  15. This was the only time he would direct a sequence or film during his time at Walt Disney Feature Animation.
  16. Sleeping Beauty was released into cinemas five times.
  17. The original release date in 1959, 1970, 1979, 1986 and 1995.
  18. Due to the re-releases, Sleeping Beauty became the second most successful film of 1959.
  19. Much of the films score was taken from Tchaikovsky’s ballet.
  20. George Bruns took majority of the credit after he arranged the music for the movie.
  21. The musical score was performed by the Graunke Symphony Orchestra.
  22. Sleeping Beauty was written by both Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm.
  23. Charles Perrault called his lead character Aurora whilst the Grimm’s called theirs Briar Rose.
  24. Disney used both names in their version of the story.
  25. Aurora is Latin for ‘dawn’.
  26. Prince Phillips is said to have been named after Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh.
  27. He was the first Disney Prince to be given a name.
  28. Mary Costa was the voice of Sleeping Beauty and she was a trained opera singer.
  29. Costa is from Knoxville in Tennessee and has a very strong southern accent which meant that she almost did not get the part of Aurora.
  30. Helene Stanley provided the live action reference for Aurora.
  31. Ed Kemmer provided the live action reference for Prince Phillip.
  32. Maleficent had two live action references: Eleanor Audley and Jane Fowler.
  33. It is said that Audrey Hepburn was another inspiration for the body type and features of Aurora.
  34. Merryweather, early in the movie, makes cookies in the shape of Mickey heads.
  35. Upon original release, critics thought Sleeping Beauty moved solely and lacked character development.
  36. The fairytale book that opens the movie was real and was hand painted.
  37. It was restored in 2008 and is now a part of the Disney archives.
  38. Sleeping Beauty took 6 years to create as Walt as distracted with creating Disneyland.
  39. In order to promote the latest Princess movie, Imagineers changed the Disneyland castle from Snow Whites to Sleeping Beauty.
  40. In 1957, a walk-through exhibit of scenes from the movie was added to the empty castle interior.
  41. Animatronics were added to this in 1997.
  42. This exhibit closed after the September 11th attacks as the dark and unmonitored corridors posed too much of a security risk.
  43. The attraction reopened on November 27th 2008 after extensive refurbishment to restore the original 1957 displays.
  44. Sleeping Beauty was the last Princess movie Disney would make for 30 years.
  45. Aurora has the fewest lines of any Disney main character, not including Dumbo who is silent for his entire movie.
  46. Aurora has only 18 lines throughout the film.
  47. Her first line is 19 minutes into the film.
  48. She also only appears in the film for approximately 18 minutes but manages to sing to songs in this time.
  49. She does not speak at all after being woken up.
  50. Animation from the final dance sequence in Sleeping Beauty was reused for Beauty and the Beast.
  51. Aurora features as one of the seven Princesses of Heart in the Kingdom of Herat franchise.
  52. Maleficent is a villain in all three of the games.
  53. Auroras mother is never credited with a name.
  54. Sleeping Beauty is the only Disney movie with square trees.
  55. The backgrounds of Sleeping Beauty were so complex, they took seven t ten times longer to paint than average.
  56. Most of these backgrounds were done by Frank Armitage and Eyvind Earle.
  57. The moment where Aurora pricks her finger and where Prince Phillip encounters Dragon Maleficent are referenced in the Nightwish song Fantasmic.
  58. After release, the scene where Prince Phillip encounters Maleficent was found too intense for children.
  59. Walt Disney had originally envisioned Sleeping Beauty as his masterpiece.
  60. The studios have no record of who provided the voice of Auroras mother.
  61. A flame thrower was used to create the dragon breath sound at the end of the movie.
  62. Training was provided for this by the US Army.
  63. Barbara Luddy provided the voice of Merryweather.
  64. Eleanor Audley provided the voice for Maleficent.
  65. Verna Felton provided the voice of Flora.
  66. Sleeping Beauty was the last animated Disney film to feature traditionally inked cels.
  67. Several characters from Sleeping Beauty feature in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  68. The Disney version of Sleeping Beauty features fewer fairies than the original fairytales.
  69. The musical score for the movie was recorded in Berlin, Germany due to a musician strike in the US.
  70. The Classic Disney: 60 Years of Musical Magic includes Once Upon A Dream on the green disc and I Wonder on the purple disc.
  71. Disneys Greatest Hits includes Once Upon A Dream on the blue disc.
  72. A live action version of Maleficent’s story was released in 2014.
  73. Lana Del Rey did a cover version od Once Upon A Dream for the movie.
  74. Sleeping Beauty was nominated for Best Scoring of a Musical Picture at the Academy Awards,
  75. It was also nominated for Best Soundtrack Album at the Grammy Awards.
  76. At the Young Artist Awards it was nominated for Best Musical Entertainment Featuring Youth.
  77. Sleeping Beauty was released on VHS, Betamax and Laserdisc in 1986 to the Classics Collection
  78. It was the first Disney Classics video to be digitally processed in Hi-Fi Stereo.
  79. During the 1986 release, Sleeping Beauty sold over a million copies.
  80. In 1997, Sleeping Beauty went through a digital restoration, being released to both VHS and Laserdisc once again.
  81. In 2003, the restored version of Sleeping Beauty was released on DVD.
  82. Sleeping Beauty was the first Disney feature produced by Walt Disney himself, to be released on Blu-Ray.
  83. Disneyland Paris was the second Disney park to have a castle inspired by Sleeping Beauty.
  84. The castle in Paris features an animatronic Dragon in the lower level dungeon.
  85. The castle also features The Sleeping Beauty Gallery which has displays showing the story of Aurora.
  86. Hong Kong Disneyland became the third Disney park to have Sleeping Beauty’s castle.
  87. Princess Aurora makes regular appearances in all Disney parks.
  88. Chuck Jones, a legendary Warner Bros animator, worked on Sleeping Beauty for four months.
  89. He did not receive credit for his work on the movie.
  90. At the beginning of the movie, Auroras eyes are brown however, they change to green after she wakes from loves true kiss.
  91. There was a song originally written for Maleficent henchmen to sing, called Evil-Evil, but it was cut from the story.
  92. Maleficents pet raven is called Diablo.
  93. Flora and Merryweathers argument about the colour of Aurora’s dress came from the fact the film makers were having trouble decided between the same colours.
  94. The Once Upon A Dream sequence was redone four times, almost bankrupting the studios, just to get it right.
  95. Eric Cleworth, an animator on the film, based Maleficents dragon head movements on the movements of a rattlesnake about to strike.
  96. During the transition screen to Maleficents castle when Prince Phillip has been taken, the fog and clouds swirl to form skulls.
  97. The voice of Maleficent was used for Madame Leota in The Haunted Mansion attraction in Disneyland.
  98. Sleeping Beauty was the first Disney animated feature where the Prince takes an active role I defeating the main villain; killing Maleficent in the end.
  99. Hans Conried, known for playing Captain Hook, recorded dialogue for King Steafn before Taylor Holmes was cast.
  100. Originally, the song sang by King Stefan and King Hubert during their argument was meant to take place at the beginning of the movie and was originally called ‘It Happens I Have A Picture’

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  1. Always enjoy these! I had no idea that most of the films score was taken from Tchaikovsky’s ballet either, I always used to wonder where the inspiration had come from as some of the music sounded familiar! Really interesting. – Tasha


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