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My Favourite Disney Castle

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Disneyland Paris is my home park. It is the park that is closest to the country I live in. It’s also the only Disney park that I’ve been lucky enough to visit. Even though I’ve never visited another Disney park, I have seen many photographs of the other Disney castles.

Personally, and even possibly slightly bias, I think the castle at Disneyland Paris is the most beautiful. For those that don’t know, Disneyland Paris has a castle dedicated to Sleeping Beauty. It’s design takes inspiration from European castles and I have to admit, it looks so beautiful and magical!


Walking down Main Street USA and seeing this beautiful castle at the end of it always makes me teary eyed. Look how beautiful it looks up against a bright blue sky?

In French, Sleeping Beauty translates to La Belle au bois dormant, which you can find on a shield above the doorway into the centre of the castle. Walking across the draw bridge and into the centre of the castle, you will find the All Year Around Christmas shop and the Crystal shop.


As well as the two shops on the inside of the castle, there is also the Sleeping Beauty gallery.

The gallery is up a flight of stairs and takes you through the story of Sleeping Beauty. It includes books like the one above, tapestries and stained glass windows. I find this as such a beautiful and peaceful part of the parks that I believe not many people actually know about. It’s always really quiet when I go.

From the gallery, you can go out onto the balcony. This balcony gives you some absolutely fantastic views of Fantasyland. They are spectacular. A camera really doesn’t do the views enough justice.

Our castle is so photogenic from absolutely any angle. From the balcony, if you turn around and aim up, you can get some wonderful shots of our pink beauty.

Also, just as a little piece of Disneyland Paris knowledge for anyone who may not know. If you zoom into the golden turrets on our castle, the little bobbles are actually snails!


Once you’ve had your time taking in the wonderful sights of both castle and Fantasyland from the balcony, head back downstairs and to the underground sectors of the castle. Disneyland Paris is the only Disney castle to have it’s very own Dragon lurking below!

Another wonderful little touch!

Whilst I was in Disneyland Paris for the Halloween season, there was a photopass photographer on Central Plaza taking photographs of guests. We got some wonderful photos!

Sleeping Beauty Castle even looks wonderful at night. Especially with Dreams being projected onto it!

Our castle is beautiful. It has lots of quiet, lesser known areas that are stunning. And of course, because not everyone knows they are there, perfect places for plenty of photographs. I love the colour scheme, it’s design and all the tiny little thought out details that have gone into making such a beautiful staple of our Disney park.

I will never get bored of taking photographs of our wonderful castle.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


8 thoughts on “My Favourite Disney Castle

  1. I love the Sleeping Beauty gallery, and it’s an amazing way of showcasing the beautiful design of the film. Whenever I’ve walked round it, it too has always been quiet, but I’ve liked it that way because it acts as an escape when it gets too busy for my liking.


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