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DLP25: The Parks First Impression

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

It’s here. It’s here. It’s finally here. Welcome to the beginning of the 25th anniversary celebrations at Disneyland Paris! Over the last couple of weeks, the parks have been getting their sparkle with all kinds of decorations going up along Main Street USA and out the front of the park. Walt Disney Studios and the Disney Village have also received a sparkle ready for the 25th.

Let’s take a look at how the parks look with all the new decorations up!

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Disney Village

Lets start small with a look at the decorations going up in the Disney Village. They’re classy and understated and I think that’s the way it should be for the Disney Village. The Village can be accessed by the general public so you want something that says ‘Look it’s our birthday’ without being too Disney.


 Walt Disney Studios

Next, lets travel to the Walt Disney Studios. Usually, the studios stays the same all year round with just the odd change to the movie banners on the light/sound towers and to the banner above the entrance to Studio 1. For the 25th though, they’ve put up wonderfully sparkling Disney banners, which even include characters from the Lion King, which is nice to see!

Next up is the banner over the entrance to Studio 1. This is usually a poster for the latest Disney release but with the 25th being this year, we have a giant 25 poster. I love the fact that this poster includes character from Pixar and includes newer characters such as BB8 and Moana. I am also exceptionally happy that Mike and Sulley are on this banner too.


Disneyland Park

Finally, we go to the main park of Disneyland Paris; Parc Disneyland. The entrance looks wonderful with all the blue banners and silver stars. I love them!


First up is Main Street USA station. You can see these wonderful decorations as you first walk into the park. These looked beautiful as drawings and look even better now they’re a real thing. You can see Pluto, Minnie Mickey and Donald on the blue and silver glittering curtains. The disc in the middle is actually a screen that changes between a 25 and the castle you see in the photo below.

This is what the station looks like lit up and night. This is absolutely stunning!

This smaller 25 logo in the photo below is on the park side of Main Street USA. This is the balcony where Mickey will wave goodbye to guests at the end of a park day.


At first, when I saw the decorations on the gazebo in Main Street, I was very unsure. At first it looked like some tinfoil had been attached to the roof. Now it’s completed with the banners, the medallion and Tinkerbell it looks so much better. Also at night, the stars on the roof light up and glitter which I think is a fab touch.

As per Disney style, the lamp posts on Main Street USA have been decorated to the theming of the season. The wonderful medallions we have seen scattered around so far are one of the decorations. The other is wonderful Tinkerbell decorations atop the lamps. I’m not the biggest Tinkerbell fan but these are adorable.

So far I think this is one of my favourite parts to the 25th Anniversary decorations. This is the beginning of Donalds new meet and greet area and it’s beautiful! That is a beautiful blue colour and I can hope and wish that this area is still there when I go in November so I can see it in person and meet Donald there.


In Central Plaza, statues of some of our favourite Disney characters have appeared. They glow at night and each statue has a different element that glows. Although I feel that Tinkerbell is slightly creepy looking (it’s the eyes), I love the blue and silver stylised feel to them. I can imagine on a blue and sunny day in Paris these will reflect the sun wonderfully and look beautiful.

Castle Stage will host a show that features the Disney Princesses celebrating the 25th anniversary. So far the stage looks beautiful. Look at that wonderful crystal castle? Such a wonderful blue colour has been chosen for a lot of these decorations.

Finally, we have two examples of the shop windows of Main Street USA. The Dumbo one is incredible and I’m so happy that older characters have been used. I was worried that with the theme being blue and silver that there might be a lot of Frozen themed things. They seemed to have taken a small step back from the Frozen decoration which for my own tastes, is a good thing.

Overall I am loving the decorations for the 25th anniversary, I’m just sad I won’t be seeing them around the time of the actual anniversary. Fingers crossed everything is still up in November even though it will be the Christmas season by then. I can hope though.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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