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Medieval Goth Fashion

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

It’s no secret that I like alternative styles of dress. One that I have come across most recently and think is a very beautiful sub-genre is Medieval Goth. With this week celebrating Sword in the Stone and the Sword in the Stone being set in the Dark Ages, this is the perfect opportunity for me to share this wonderful style with you.


The term Gothic was first used primarily to describe architecture such as castles and churches. This is why there is a large following of alternative people who are interested in the Medieval. You can find Medieval Goths at Renaissance fairs, museums and castles.

Many styles emanate Arthurian legend. The music is a mix of classical and Gregorian chants with a little bit of folk, ethereal and Medieval Baebes thrown in.


Medieval Goth is artsy and beautiful!

Of course, all clothing is only loosly based on paintings and tapestry’s from that era but is beautiful non the less.

If you want to read more, click this link.

Moon Maiden Gothic Clothing

Guinevere Gown, Lady Boleyn, Velvet Requiem

Melian Gown, Renaissance Ball Gown, Lady Elwyn Bathory


Floral Jaquard Dress, Brocade Dress

Kates Clothing

Corset Top, Coven Tunic, Burntout Velvet Curse Dress

Gothic Enchantress Dress, Burntout Salem Rose Dress

The Gothic Shop

Ophelia Red, Philomena Silver, Philomena Black

Black Rose

Bell Sleeved Top, Mystic Dress


Gothic Renaissance Dress, Medieval Princess Dress, Renaissance Corset Top

These items range from the very obviously Medieval to the more modern take on Medieval Goth. They also range from the horridly expensive to the nicely priced and budget friendly.

What do you think of Medieval Goth?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


One thought on “Medieval Goth Fashion

  1. This post is beautiful and I wish more people dressed like this on a daily basis, because it brings a little bit of magic to the everyday and if I had the confidence too I’d definitely inject a little more of this into my wardrobe. I went through a Goth/Grunge/Emo phase during school and my wardrobe consisted pretty much only of black clothes and make-up and I had a friend who used to dress like the models in these pictures above and I loved her fashion sense, so whenever I see this featured on blogs I always smile and, now I’m a lot more colourful, but it’s still fun and it compliment The Sword in the Stone perfectly too! – Tasha


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