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DLP25: Stars on Parade First Impressions

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Last weekend marked the opening and beginning of the 25th Anniversary celebrations at Disneyland Paris. Although I could not be there in person, I was super excited to see all of the photographs and videos of the new shows! As I’m not going back to Disneyland Paris til November and because I am an incredibly inpatient person, I couldn’t wait till then to see the new shows.

Today, I thought I would give my first impressions, from video alone, of the new Parade; Disneys Stars on Parade. I will then give my full 100% opinion after I visit and see it in person in November. Photos and facts used in this blog post are from ED92. Photos will be tagged with a link to their social media.

For my other blog post on this new parade at Disneyland Paris, please click here.

Disclaimer: This post will include spoilers. If you do not want to see the new parade or shows then please do not read this blog post. Thank you.


Firstly, here is a video of the parade courtesy of DLP Welcome:

[youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_EQOUgEhIU]

Okay, lets talk about the music for a second. When that tiny snippet of the song came out and everyone hate it, I loved it. I thought it sounded catchy and that it could fit in with any Disney Park. To me, it sounded very Tokyo Disneyland-esque which I love. They always have such wonderful music. Now I’ve heard it in it’s entirety with the magical music that comes from the floats themselves? It sounds so much better than the clip already did. Super excited to see this in person and dance down Main Street USA! The music loop that comes from the floats is triggered by GPS on the parade route. Each float is sent a signal by the system for when it needs to play it’s musical loop.How clever is that?

The Opening Float

This was one of the floats I was most looking forward too. I adore Steampunk style and this float has captured my heart. The costumes that the super six are wearing are beautiful! Chip and Dale look especially adorable in their little flying caps! I also read on ED92 that the floats fold down to get them under a bridge that has a 6.5m clearance. How cool is that?

Toy Story Float

When I first heard there was going to be a Toy Story float, I was happy but also a little bit disheartened we were getting the same characters as we had in Magic on Parade. Boy have I been proved wrong with this one! The new Toy Story float is amazing. I can’t get over how wonderful it looks! Buzz floats on a planet at the front whilst Woody and Jessie sit with the toys in the rear. According to ED92, performers practised in a replica machine backstage in order to enter the wheels on this float. Toy Story is one of my favourite Pixar films, so although I had a small moan at first, I now completely take that back and just say wow.


The Lion King Float

This one isn’t my favourite float but it is still pretty cool; and we get Mowgli too who sits proudly on top of Kaa at the back of the float. This was another float where I thought, ‘same characters again?’ but, it is done in a lovely way. The float is great and as per usual, I look forward to seeing Timon being his cheeky self again.


Finding Nemo/Dory Float

I was super excited by this float the moment I saw the concept art for it! You can see my first discussions of this float here. The colours are beautiful and I love the fact they have incorporated another Pixar film to the parade. The characters are adorable, the colours bright and I can’t wait to see this float in person.

Peter Pan Float

I believe this is one of the floats that Disneyland Paris received from Hong Kong? Or perhaps Tokyo? I’m not 100% certain. Either ways it is a beautiful float. I love that Wendy dances in front of the float with the lost boys. I also love that Hook and Smee are on Skull Rock with Peter and some more Lost Boys chasing in the background. It’s different from the pirate ship we’ve been used to seeing over the years. I also love that the musical loop for this float is the Buccaneer song from Peter Pan.


Maleficent Float

This is the float I have been waiting for. This is the float that got me super duper excited; the Steampunk Maleficent Dragon from Walt Disney World. Look how beautiful it is? I adore the music from Sleeping Beauty so I am so glad the float plays that as it goes by and that Prince Phillip is included in this. The Maleficent dragon breathes fire five times during this parade. These are dedicated points synced by GPS to the music of the parade. I am super excited to see this float in person.


Princess Carriages

The Princess carriages from Magic on Parade have had a sparkle and a renovation to be a part of Stars on Parade. The carriages this time hold Rapunzel and Eugene, Cinderella and Charming and Belle and Human Beast (lets not start a name debate here). During the first ever performance of the parade, these carriages were also joined by the three good fairies and the other Disney princesses and their princes. Fingers crossed this happens for all the parades in the future as I’d love to see Ariel on parade. It is rumoured as well that another carriage will be introduced to this section of the parade in 2018.


Froze Float

Okay, so everyone should know by now I am not Frozens biggest fan girl. Not because I think it’s an awful film. Quite the contrary, I actually really like the film. I just think it became highly overrated. However, the Frozen float is spectacular and includes more characters than just Anna and Elsa. Kristoff leads the float with some beautifully dressed dancers followed by the first part of the float; Olaf riding Sven. I am super excited that Olaf is on parade and I’m not even ashamed of that!

I will miss Magic on Parade so much but I am beyond excited to see his parade in person. The music is catchy and you can easily dance to it. The new floats are beautiful and the inclusion of characters that have not been included before, or at least in a very long time, is fantastic. Disneyland Paris have outdone themselves with this parade! Well done!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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