100 Facts About The Jungle Book

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Welcome to The Jungle Book week on Scariels Grotto. For many Disney fans, this films holds a special place in their heart. This was the last animated feature that Walt Disney personally worked on. He would die 10 months before the films release.

Another week means, another 100 facts. I love doing these posts as you find out so many interesting things!


  1. The Jungle Book was released on October 18th, 1967.
  2. It is the 19th animated feature.
  3. It was produced by Walt Disney Productions.
  4. This was one of the last film projects to be approved by Walt Disney himself.
  5. Walt Disney died in 1966 before the film was released.
  6. If the film had done poorly at the box office, it is likely the studios would have closed down following Walt’s death.
  7. The film was based on the book of the same name by Rudyard Kipling.
  8. The film grossed over $73 million in the US on its first release.
  9. It is the seventh highest grossing film of the 20th century in the United Kingdom.
  10. Most of the songs were written by the Sherman Brothers.
  11. They were told to not read Rudyard Kiplings book so it didn’t influence their writing in the wrong way.
  12. The Jungle Book stands as one of the most popular Disney movies of all time.
  13. The film was directed by Wolfgang Reitherman.
  14. The films budget was $4million.
  15. Bruce Reitherman provided the voice of Mowgli.
  16. The original voice actor for Mowgli, David Alan bailey, had to be let go as his voice broke during the three year production of the film.
  17. He is the son of Wolfgang Reitherman.
  18. There were six songs deleted from The Jungle Book.
  19. Phil Harris provided the voice for Baloo the Bear.
  20. It is rumoured he was chosen for the part after meeting Walt Disney at a party.
  21. His first day of recording did not go well as he thought Baloos tone was wooden and boring.
  22. Harris was given the go ahead to improvise and Disney loved it, re-writing the scenes to suit Baloo’s new personality.
  23. The film was rated a G by the Motion Picture Association of America.
  24. Bill Peet was brought in to write the first script for the movie.
  25. Disney thought this story was too dark for his movie.
  26. Floyd Norman was brought in to re-write the script to make it have more laughs and more personality.
  27. Although most of Peets story was eventually scrapped, parts remained.
  28. These include King Louie and the ending where Mowgli falls for a young girl and returns to his man village.
  29. Walt Disney wanted to sign off every little detail in this new script to make sure it was to his liking.
  30. Sebastian Cabot provided the voice of Bagheera.
  31. The film was personally overseen by Walt Disney before he passed away.
  32. Louis Prima provided the voice for King Louie.
  33. He improvised a lot of his singing for the character.
  34. Prima even suggested killing the character of King Louie because he could perform a phenomenal death scene.
  35. Because of a busy schedule, Louis Prima and Phil Harris recorded their parts for I Wanna be Like You separately.
  36. Following Cinderella, The Jungle Book is the second Disney film to have the most live-action adaptions made by Walt Disney.
  37. It currently has three live action films.
  38. Rocky the Rhino was a character designed to be the comic relief but was cut.
  39. His scenes were completely storyboarded before the character was removed from the story.
  40. He was originally going to appear after King Louie’ scene but Walt didn’t want to put the funny sequences back-to-back.
  41. George Sanders gave his voice to Shere Khan.
  42. Shere Kahn doesn’t appear until 47 minutes into the film.
  43. Many of the characters from this film star in the animated series Tale Spin which ran from 19901-1991.
  44. The Jungle Book is the tenth Disney Animated Classic o have the 2006 Walt Disney Pictures logo at the end of the movie on current releases.
  45. Sterling Holloway gave his voice to Kaa the snake.
  46. This is the first and only character to voiced by Holloway that is a villain.
  47. Terry Gilkyson was brought in to write songs for the movie.
  48. Walt however thought his efforts were too dark for what they wanted.
  49. The only song of his to make it into the film was the Bare Necessities.
  50. The Bare Necessities was nominated for Best Song at the 40th Academy Awards
  51. Elements from The Jungle Book were recycled and used in Robin Hood due to a limited budget.
  52. Baloo was the inspiration for Little John.
  53. Pat O’Malley voiced Colonel Hathi and Buzzie the Vulture.
  54. Verna Felton gave her voice to Winifred, Colonel Hathi’s wife.
  55. This would prove to be Verna’s last film role as she died one day before Walt Disney.
  56. Winifred is the only female character to have any dialogue in the film.
  57. From 1996 and 1998, the animated television series Cubs told the story of the animal character when they were children.
  58. For the film’s backgrounds, Disney animators visited real jungles in India and studied the wildlife.
  59. There are two videos games based on the Jungle Book.
  60. The Jungle Book was a platformer released in 1993-4 on Master System, Mega Drive, game Gear, Super NES, game Boy and PC.
  61. A version for the game Boy advance was released in 2003
  62. The Jungle Book Groove Party was released in 2000 for Playstation and Playstation 2.
  63. On February 14th 2003, a sequel to the film was released titled, the Jungle Book 2.
  64. Characters from the movie have appeared in House of Mouse, the Lion King 1½, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Aladdin and the King of Thieves.
  65. The Disney greatest hits collection includes I Wanna Be Like You on the blue disc and The Bare necessities on the green disc.
  66. Colonel Hathi’s March appears on the red disc of Classic Disney: 60 years of Musical Magic.
  67. The Bare Necessities appears on the blue disc and I Wanna Be Like You and Trust in Me on the Green Disc.
  68. That’s What Friends Are For spears on the purple disc and My Own Home on the orange disc.
  69. The characters of the vultures were based on The Beatles.
  70. The Beatles were approached about providing the voices for the vultures.
  71. They turned down the opportunity as John Lennon did not want to do an animated film.
  72. Disney decided that styling the vultures as a 60s band would become outdated later so changed the style to barbershop quartet.
  73. Bill Lee of The Mellomen sung Shere Kahn’s part due to George Sanders not being available to record.
  74. The song Trust in Me is based on a song entitled Land of Sand which was originally written for Mary Poppins, but was not used.
  75. Gregory Peck lobbied extensively for The Jungle Book to be nominated for Best Picture but was unsuccessful.
  76. The Jungle Book received massive positive reviews upon its release.
  77. TIME noted that the film strayed far from Rudyard Kiplings original story.
  78. The New York Times called it a perfectly dandy cartoon feature.
  79. Life magazine referred to The Jungle Book as the best thing of its kind since Dumbo.
  80. The Jungle Book was re-released in theatres in 1978, 1984 and 1990.
  81. The Jungle Book was released onto VHS in Mexico in 1987, twenty years after the film debuted.
  82. The film was released as a part of the Walt Disney Classics collection in the US in 1991.
  83. It was re-released in 1997 as part of the Walt Disney masterpiece Collection.
  84. The film was released on DVD as a 2-disc platinum edition on October 2nd 2007 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of the movie.
  85. The platinum edition presents the film in 1. 75: 1 widescreen aspect ratio.
  86. This was the first Disney release titled Platinum and not Special Edition in the UK.
  87. The Jungle Book was released onto Blu-Ray on February 11th
  88. King Louie was based on Louis Armstrong.
  89. Mowgli is pronounced wrong through the entire film.
  90. The first syllable is supposed to be pronounced like cow and not show.
  91. Kipling’s daughter apparently never forgave Disney for this mistake.
  92. Shere Kahn’s striped proved to be a nightmare for the animators working on him.
  93. The Jungle Book was the last work Darleen Carr did with Disney Studios.
  94. King Louie was created especially for the film; he doesn’t appear in the book.
  95. This is the first Disney Animated Feature where the opening credits show the voice actors and who they portrayed. The xerographic system was refined further for this movie to combine Xeroxed cels with hand-inked details.
  96. George Sanders was the first Oscar-winning actor to have voiced a character in a Disney movie.
  97. My Own Home is woven throughout the entire film until the end where the girl sings it to lure Mowgli to the man village.
  98. The Jungle Book was included in the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die list created by Steven Schneider.
  99. This was Eric Larsons final film as an animator.
  100. Hazel George, Walt Disney’s personal nurse, cried at the scene where Baloo and Bagheera walk off into the sunset, stating it was just the way Walt had gone out.

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6 thoughts on “100 Facts About The Jungle Book

  1. Fact 100 is so sad, also just sad in general that this was his last film. It was a masterpiece though and I’m happy to have enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing all of these interesting facts 🙂



    1. Thank you! I love writing these posts, I always learn so much. This film is sad because it’s Walt’s last film. It holds a special place on the heart of many Disney fans for this reason 🙂


  2. Ah, there’s so many of these that I didn’t know – what an interesting read, thank you!
    We had the Jungle Book soundtrack on vinyl when I was little and I used to listen to it all the time 😀


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