What Did The Jungle Book (2016) Do Well? – A Collab with NI DLP Geek

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In case you haven’t noticed recently, Disney have been making a lot of live action remakes of classic Disney animated movies. One, which was released in 2016, was a live action version of The Jungle Book. After how much I disliked Maleficent, I have been super cautious of the live action movies. Cinderella changed my mind slightly so with Jungle Book, I went in with an open mind. I wasn’t massively disappointed. In fact, I really quite enjoyed the live action movie.

As you’ve seen from the title, this post is part of a collaboration between myself and Luke of NI DLP Geek. Over on his blog, he will be discussing what the film could have done better. Today, I am discussing what the film did really well and why I enjoyed it so much.



Firstly, Neel Sethi who was cast to play Mowgli is just fantastic. For being such a young actor, and new to acting, I think he did a wonderful job. It can’t have been easy to act with animals that weren’t really there or in scenery that was a green screen. He makes an adorable Mowgli and did the character justice in my opinion.

Out of all the actors that were chosen to voice different characters, I think the best choices were Ben Kingsley to play Bagheera and Idris Elba as Shere Khan. Kingsley brings a regal air and a sense of knowledge to the character of Bagheera. We all know Bagheera is supposed to be the party pooper that is adamant on taking Mowgli back to the man village. As for Elba as Shere Kahn, you need that strong voice who can dominate and take over a scene. The voice needs to be fearful so the audience know to be scared when he is on screen.


The story pretty much follows the original Disney Animated version of the story, minus the odd thing. This I like. I’m glad they didn’t take the characters and completely change and ruin their good story. I’ve seen that happen to one of my favourite Disney films so I’m extremely glad this remake was faithful.


I’m not going to lie, I never knew I needed Christopher Walken singing I Wanna Be Like You in my life but apparently I did. This made me chuckle and smile and made me feel incredibly happy. I’m glad they also kept in Bare Necessities and played the instrumental version quite a few times throughout the movie. My favourite though, is Scarlett Johanssons rendition of Trust in Me. That might be a controversial remark as the original is so good but I actually love the spooky  and eerie sounding cover version of Disney songs. If you’ve not heard this song, I’ve put it down below:

[youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEgkBetZY-M]

I think the live action version of The Jungle Book is quite possibly my favourite of the live action remakes Disney have churned out over the last few years. I have watched it a good few times since I first watched it and have even suggested to other people they should watch it. I am a severe creature of habit and usually sacrifice watching new films for ones I know I love. Disney is usually the exception to this rule and Jungle Book would make that a double exception to the rule. It’s a new film, but it’s similar to the original and it’s Disney. What more could you want?

Although this post is all about what the movie did well, I just want to say one thing: I missed the singing vultures. There. I said it.

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One thought on “What Did The Jungle Book (2016) Do Well? – A Collab with NI DLP Geek

  1. I’ll have to see what Luke has to say on this one, but honestly Amy I’m so sorry but i HATED this version, it took all the things i love about jungle book and spoilt them for me 😦 i was so disappointed!


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