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A Bagheera Disneybound featuring EMP

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

It’s Friday and the final post of Jungle Book week. So, I go back to my blogging roots and bring you a Fashion Friday post. With my wardrobe being made up of majority of black clothing and my style branching out to not much more, the character I have chosen to do  Disneybound of is the one and only Bagheera!

This post is not sponsored by EMP, I just really like the clothing that they sell.


Firstly, lets have a look at Bagheera:


Now, lets have a look at the Disneybound:

The clothing is up first and this is something I would probably wear, if I had more confidence in my figure. Lets start with this Chiffon Sleeveless Blouse. The first item from EMP and is on the website for only £12.99 at the moment I write this blog post. Next up are these imitation leather trouser. These trousers are £32.99. Next up is the most expensive part of this Disneybound ad they are these beautiful New Rock boots. I’ve always wanted to own a pair of New Rocks but they have always been slightly out of my price range. These are the Trail New Rock Boots and cost £174.99. If like me you won’t wear real leather, you can get similar boots in a vegan range from the New Rock website here.

The first accessory item is this lovely, handmade, The Jungle Book brooch from FemmeDeBloom on etsy. Although it’s a brooch and not something I would personally wear with an outfit, it’s unique and shows what your outfit is all about. If you’re handy with DIY, you could turn this into a necklace. The next jewellery item is this paw print choker. As I don’t tend to wear bracelets as they annoy me, necklaces are my go to accessory. I love chokers and feel like this gives the outfit it’s big cat feel.

The final touches to this outfit would be black nails and black lips!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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