100 Facts About the Aristocats

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Today we enter what is known as the Bronze Era of Disney movies. This was the era after Walts death where the future of the company was uncertain and how each movie performed at the box office was of great importance.

The first movie of the Bronze era is The Arisocats and as per every Monday, I bring you 100 facts about the movie!

15. The AristoCats

  1. The Aristocats was released on December 24th
  2. It is the 20th animated Disney film.
  3. It was produced by Walt Disney Productions.
  4. It grossed $10million in domestic rentals.
  5. The film is based on a story by Tom McGowen and Tom Rowe.
  6. The Aristocats, along with the Jungle Book, was one of the last projects to be approved by Walt Disney himself.
  7. This was the first Disney animated feature to be entirely completed after his death.
  8. It was produced by Winston Hibler.
  9. The film gained overall favourable reviews.
  10. It did not however match the success of 101 Dalmatians and The Jungle Book.
  11. It is seen as a modest success by the Disney company.
  12. It was released by Buena Vista Distribution.
  13. The Aristocats had a budget of $4million.
  14. The Aristocats was directed by Wolfgang Reitherman.
  15. Scat Cat was originally written with Louis Armstrong in mind,
  16. His original name was going to be Satchmo Cat.
  17. Illness kept Louis from being able to play out the character and he was recast.
  18. Scatman Crothers replaced Louis Armstrong.
  19. The Sherman Brothers originally wrote a song called Le Jass Hot for Louie to perform as Satchmo Cat.
  20. This was replaced with Everybody Wants to be a Cat.
  21. The car that George drives resembles a 1913 Mercer 35J Raceabout.
  22. When the alley cats fight Edgar, Roquefort tells everyone to be quiet. Edgar stops moving which is strange as humans in the movie cannot understand the animals.
  23. After Edgar is kicked into the box, it is shown the padlock is locked at the front despite the fact Roquefort removed the padlock earlier.
  24. Edgar is seen wearing red and white striped boxer shorts when he is ironing his clothes, however boxer shorts weren’t invented until 1925; the film is set in 1910.
  25. When Roquefort reports to Scat Cat about Duchess and the kittens being in trouble, Peppo, the Italian Cat, changes positions to two different locations, too quickly.
  26. Edgar refers to the money he would inherit as dollars and dollar signs flash up in his eys, however, the film is set in France.
  27. This is the last movie to end with A Walt Disney Production.
  28. It is the first of the Walt Disney Animated Classics to open with Walt Disney Productions Presents.
  29. The Aristocats was inspired by the true story of a Parisian family of cats that inherited a fabulous fortune.
  30. Toulouse and Berlioz are named after two famous French artists; Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec who was a painter and illustrator and Hector Berlioz who was a composer.
  31. The dogs, Napleon and Lafayette are both named after famous French generals; Napoleon Bonaparte and Marquis De Lafayette.
  32. The Sherman Brothers talked Maurice Chevalier out of retirement to sing the title song
  33. It was his last work before his death in 1972.
  34. The goose sisters, Abigail and Amelia, are voiced by Carole Shelley and Monica Evans.
  35. O’Malleys appearance was based on that of Phil Harris.
  36. The Aristocats was originally intended to be a two-part live-action instalment of the TV series Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Colour.
  37. Walt decided the story would best be told through animation.
  38. Disney appointed Ken Anderson to develop preliminary work on the movie.
  39. The lines sung by the Chinese Cat in Everybody Wants to be a Cat were later deemed politically incorrect and were removed from the soundtracks.
  40. The lines still remain in the song as features in the home releases.
  41. The Chinese cat is called Shun Gon.
  42. Uncle Waldo was voiced by Bill Thompson.
  43. The last film in which Eric Larson worked as a supervising animator.
  44. Thurl Ravenscroft provided the voice of the Russian Cat,
  45. Eva Gabor (Duchess) and Phil Harris (O’Malley) passed away in 1995 only five weeks apart.
  46. This was Bill Thompsons last film as he died less than a year after it was released.
  47. In the 2008 DVD re-release, the main menu of the movie shows that Toulouse and Berlioz’ neck ties are mixed up.
  48. When Duchess and the kittens are drinking the cream at the beginning of the movie, the bowls have a coloured ring around them that matched the colour of the bows/collars of the cat drinking it.
  49. The Aristocats was Eva Gabors first Disney movie.
  50. O’Malleys full name is Abraham de lacy Giuseppe Casey Thomas O’Malley, the Alley Cat.
  51. Robie Lester provides the singing voice for Duchess.
  52. Roddy Maude-Roxby provided the voice for Edgar the Butler.
  53. Six of Disney’s original Nine Old Men worked on the film.
  54. Some of Duchess’ dance moves were re-used for Robin Hood.
  55. Gary Dubin provided the voice of Toulouse.
  56. In 2005, The Aristocats II was scrapped.
  57. Edgar as originally given a sidekick called Elvira who was a maid.
  58. She would have been voiced by Elsa Lanchester.
  59. Liz English provided the voice of Marie.
  60. When Roquefort climbs into the light on the back of the motocycle there are shards of glass sticking up, however, these are gone in shots of the mouse bumping up and down.
  61. At one point, there were four kittens in the story.
  62. The fourth kitten was going to be called Waterloo.
  63. Waterloo was removed from the story as it was seen to be one too many characters.
  64. Dean Clarke gave his voice to Berlioz.
  65. In 2003, the Disney Channel wanted to create a television show of the three kittens as teenagers.
  66. Some of Napoleon and Lafayettes barks were recycled.
  67. They originally came from the twilight bark sequence of 101 Dalmatians.
  68. Nancy Kulp provided the speaking voice for Frou-Frou.
  69. Ruth Buzzi provided her singing voice.
  70. When Edgar takes Duchess and her kittens to abandon in the countryside, the sidecar of his motorcycle keeps changing sides.
  71. When the sidecar separates from the motorcycle, the wheel switches sides regularly.
  72. The instrumental music in the movie as composed by George Bruns.
  73. He took influence from his background with jazz bands and used accordion-like music for a more French sound.
  74. When Frou-Frou is being fed by Madame early in the film, Madame’s hand is empty.
  75. Boris Karloff was one actor considered to voice the part of the Butler.
  76. In August of 1962, a first draft was sent to Burbank but returned as rejected by an unknown executive.
  77. The script was then taken to Disney himself who approved it but insisted it needed some cuts.
  78. The characters in the movie were based on the personalities of their respective voice actors.
  79. O’Malley was based on Phil Harris but also Clark Gable.
  80. Sterling Holloway was cast as the voice of Roquefort.
  81. Ken Anderson spent eighteen months developing the design of the characters.
  82. The Aristocats was the last Disney animated feature that the Sherman brothers worked on as staff songwriters.
  83. There were several songs written for the movie that never made it in.
  84. One was called Pourquoi? And would be sung by Hermione Baddeley as Madame BonFamille.
  85. A reprise of the above song and another deleted song called She Never Felt Alone were going to be sung by Robie Lester as Marie.
  86. A villainous yet romantic duet was envisioned to be sung by Edgar and Elvira but was removed when Elvira as dropped from the story.
  87. My Ways the Highway was a song written to be sung by Thomas O’Malley.
  88. Thomas O’Malley Cat featured on the purple disc of Classic Disney: 60 Years of Musical Magic.
  89. Everybody Wants to be a Cat would feature on the orange disc.
  90. On August 21st 2015, a new soundtrack was released to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the movie.
  91. The album included songs and score from the movie, deleted songs and previously unreleased album versions as bonus tracks.
  92. The Aristocats was the most popular general release movie in British box office in 1971.
  93. The film was released on VHS in Europe on January 1st
  94. The Aristocat was release as part do the Masterpiece Collection in North America on April 24th
  95. Disney released the film for the first time on Blu-Ray on August 21st
  96. The film has a 66% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
  97. The American Film Institute nominated The Aristocats to be in its 10 Top 10 for Animation Film.
  98. Patt Buttram provided the voice of Napoleon the Bloodhound.
  99. George Lindsey gave his voice to Lafayette the Basset Hound.
  100. Throughout the film, the stud on the collar Duchess is wearing vanish and then reappear throughout.

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