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Marie Inspired Minnie Ears on Etsy

Aloha my wonderful merfolk.

Wearing Minnie Ears in a Disney theme park is now a staple of a Disney trip. It’s also good if you can get your own custom Minnie Ears before your trip too. Etsy is the perfect place to find Minnie Ears that are custom to your favourite Disney characters. There are so many ears shops that it would be hard to pick where to buy them from.

Marie has become a very popular character recently and the amount of Minnie ears created that have been inspired by her are incredible. Today, I thought I would search through Etsy and find some of the most beautiful Marie inspired ears.

15. The AristoCats

MouseKoutureEars, EarsForDisneyUK

ToSparkleAndBeyond, LUVKittyKatrina

GetAnEarful, BibbidiBobbidiLoot

AdventuresInStyle, SophieChicDesignxx

BonjourLily, CharlottesAllEars

MDHatters, SmallWorldStitches

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


8 thoughts on “Marie Inspired Minnie Ears on Etsy

  1. There are some super cute ones in there! So fun to see all the different options. I’m a rep for an Etsy shop too and she just made me custom Marie ears for my trip in two weeks. You should check them out! Either on my instagram @fordisneyprincesses or her Etsy shop which is called PixieDustAndEars. We’re new to this blog community but I’m so excited and so glad I found your blog to follow! Can’t wait to connect more in the future!


  2. Oh my gosh these are adorable! Got to love etsy… I love supporting small biz (especially because I know what it’s like running a shop on etsy) and I’m tempted to do a post like this of my own!


  3. So much Marie! She is such a great character, so great to see her getting the love she deserves! Xx

    Kirsty | The Monday Project | themondayproject.co.uk


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