100 Facts About Robin Hood

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This week is themed to one of my favourite movies from the Bronze Era and one of my favourite films from my childhood; Robin Hood.

I loved everything about this movie as a child. It was actually the first version of the Robin Hood story I saw and still to this day it’s my favourite version. I enjoyed finding the 100 facts for this film purely because I love this film so much.

16. Robin Hood

  1. Robin Hood was released on November 8th
  2. It is the 21st animated feature in the Disney Animated Canon.
  3. This was the first Disney film to begin production after Walt’s death.
  4. Robin Hood had a budget of just $1.5million.
  5. Some elements for Robin Hood were taken from an earlier aborted idea for Reynard the Fox.
  6. This was the first movie to be carried on in production without Walt Disney’s involvement.
  7. The film was a box office success.
  8. The film received mixed critical response, saying it lacked flexibility in the commercial market.
  9. Critics also criticised the heavy use of recycled animation.
  10. A few of the voice actors used in this production were British.
  11. Creators made the decision to cast several veteran American voice actors to play the medieval characters.
  12. Roger Miller was brought in as the songwriter and narrator for the film.
  13. Originally, Friar Tuck was to be a pig but was changed to a badger to avoid insulting religious sensibilities.
  14. The Sheriff of Nottingham was originally a goat but was changed to a wolf as they are better at representing villains in animated feature films.
  15. The famous gap on Terry-Thomas’ teeth were incorporated into the design of Sir Hiss, allowing for a handy gap for his forked tongue to dart out.
  16. A few months before the release, Disney needed Peter Ustinov to return and re-record some of Prince Johns lines.
  17. Animators made phone calls to countries all around the world just to find he was in Burbank all along.
  18. Prince Johns child-like behaviour whenever someone mentions his brother is reference to the real King John of England.
  19. Maid Marians dance sequence in the forest is the same as Snow Whites dance with the Dwarfs.
  20. The Sheriff, Friar Tuck, Nutsy and Trigger were all voiced by actors known for doing Westerns.
  21. Originally, the film was going to be set in the Old West.
  22. This is the second Disney film to feature no human characters at all.
  23. The University of California fight song, Fight On, is played during the chase scene after the archery contest.
  24. On Wisconsin, the fight song for the University of Wisconsin is used during the football sequence.
  25. Little John is modelled on and voiced by the same voice actor as Baloo from The Jungle Book.
  26. Sir Peter Ustinov also voiced Prince John in the German dub of the movie, but didn’t voice King Richard.
  27. Some of the dance scenes from the woods were recycled from The Silly Song in Snow White, I Wanna be Like You in The Jungle Book and Everybody Wants to be a Cat in The Aristocats.
  28. A portion of the opening theme music was used for the ‘hamster dance’ website, being played at double speed.
  29. Monica Evans and Carole Shelley who play Maid Marian and Lady Kluck respectively, also worked together on The Aristocats a the geese Abigail and Amelia.
  30. The bell in Friar Tucks church as a real bell added into the film.
  31. At least five actors who gave their voices to The Aristocats reappear in Robin Hood.
  32. Tommy Steele was originally chosen to voice Robin Hood.
  33. He dropped out shortly after recording began.
  34. Terry Jones from Monty Python was also considered from the role.
  35. The opening theme from Robin Hood was adopted by Liverpool Football Club fans and was used for former Captain, Steven Gerrard.
  36. When the church mouse is playing the organ, one of the stops is labelled ‘Stop’, the one to the right of it is labelled ‘Go’.
  37. Robin Hood premiered at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City.
  38. Maid Marian only appears in the movie for 30 minutes, despite the fact he is the main love interest in the movie.
  39. This was J. Pat O’Malleys last Disney film; he would die 12 years later.
  40. Robin Hood was the last Disney animated feature that all of the Nine Old Men would live to see completed.
  41. Peter Ustinov voiced both Prince John and King Richard.
  42. He became the second Oscar winning actor to have a voice role in a Disney movie.
  43. Of all the cast in the movie, only half a dozen voice actors were English.
  44. A possible ending of the movie included Robin Hood being injured after escaping from the castle.
  45. Prince John was going to stab Robin but was interrupted by the arrival of his brother, King Richard.
  46. Writers believes this made Prince John far too sinister and would take away from Robin being the true hero.
  47. It was also seen as way too dark for such an upbeat and care free movie.
  48. This original ending, in storyboard form is included in the Most Wanted Edition DVD extras.
  49. When one of Prince Johns elephant heralds attempts to trumpet a warning, Lady Kluck grabs its trunk, causing it to make a sound that was reused from The Jungle Book.
  50. The vultures in the movie are the same as Buzzy from The Jungle Book.
  51. Several shots of the Sheriff of Nottingham are recycled during the film.
  52. As is the scene where the Rhinos are walking through the forest.
  53. Brian Bedford who voiced Robin Hood, is a Shakespearean trained actor.
  54. The song ‘The Phony King of England’ is rumoured to based on a pub song penned by Rudyard Kipling titled ‘The Bastard King of England’
  55. Roger Miller who gave his voice to Alan-A-Dale the Rooster was a respected singer=songwriter in Nashville long before Disney asked him to be a part of Robin Hood.
  56. In another deleted scene, Prince John writes a letter to Sir Hiss pretending to be maid Marian to try and catch Robin Hood.
  57. Robin Hood did very well at the box office, taking $9.5million.
  58. At the time, it was Disney’s biggest box office total to date.
  59. Robin Hood was re-released in 1982.
  60. The film was released to VHS in 1984, 1991, 1994 and 1999.
  61. In 2000, the film was released to DVD under the Gold Classic Collection.
  62. On November 28th 2006, the movie was remastered as a Most Wanted Edition, featuring deleted scenes and alternative endings as extras.
  63. The voices of Mother rabbit, Mother Mouse and Father Mouse wold be cast in the roles of Kanga and Piglet in Winnie the Pooh.
  64. Peter Ustinov grew famous for playing over the top villains.
  65. Robin Hood, Little John, Friar Tuck, Trigger, prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham appear in Walt Disney parks as meetable characters.
  66. This version of Robin Hood made Prince John the main villain instead of the Sheriff of Nottingham.
  67. The mice bare an almost identical resemblance to those in The Aristocats.
  68. Many Robin Hood characters make cameo appearances in House of Mouse.
  69. Little John and Sheriff of Nottingham make cameo appearances in Mickeys Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse.
  70. In the jailbreak scene, ‘God forgive Prince John’ is written on the wall when Little John and Friar Tuck enter.
  71. Before this, in Friar Tucks cell, the words ‘Forgive them all’ is carved into the wall to the right of Friar Tuck.
  72. Nancy Adams who sang ‘Love’ as Maid Marian’s singing voice was the wife of one of its songwriters, Floyd Huddleston.
  73. The film is referenced on Mel Brooks 1993 film Robin Hood: Men in Tights.
  74. The theme song for the film played during a T-Mobile advert during the 2014 Super Bowl.
  75. Floyd Norman admitted he hated the character Skippy because of his obnoxious brat personality.
  76. A full soundtrack of Robin Hood has never been released on Compact Disc in the US.
  77. The films running time is 83 minutes.
  78. Another alternate ending included King Richard returning and revealing himself to Trigger and Nutsy.
  79. This appeared in the Disney documentary series Disney Family Album.
  80. This scene, at least in animated form, does not appear in the Most Wanted Edition DVD.
  81. All voice roles for the movie were confirmed by October 1970, except for Tommy Steele as Robin Hood.
  82. The song ‘Love’ was nominated for the Best Original Song at the 46th Academy Awards.
  83. The film was recognized by the American Film Institute in the 2008 10 Top 10 for Animated Film.
  84. ‘Love’ is featured in the 2009 film, Fantastic Mr Fox.
  85. In September 2016, it was announced that Disney had begun production on a live action remake of the film.
  86. It is to be titled Nottingham & Hood and the studio hopes it would spawn a new film franchise.
  87. Bernard Fox was considered to replace Tommy Steele as the voice of Robin Hood.
  88. Louis Prima was so angered at not being considered for the role that he personally paid for the recording expenses for the album ‘Let’s Hear it for Robin Hood’ which he then sold to Disneyland Records.
  89. Andy Devine gives his voice to Friar Tuck.
  90. Barbara Luddy provides her voice once more to a Disney character, this time to Friar Tucks Sextons wife; a little church mouse.
  91. The children characters are seen as the point of view characters.
  92. It is because of Skippy we see Maid Marian and Robin Hoods back story, we watch the archery contest with Skippy and the young rabbit also helps Little John with the wedding carriage.
  93. There is a cat in a scene in Robin Hood that looks to be modelled on Scat Cat from The Aristocats.
  94. Robin Hood also took frames of the wedding carriage scene from Cinderella.
  95. Prince John is one of the few characters to lack his own villain’s song.
  96. Robin Hoods green hat is styled almost exactly to Prince Phillips red hat in Sleeping Beauty.
  97. Maid Marian is the only female character to wear shoes throughout the film.
  98. The process of taking cels from one movie and reusing them in another is called rotoscoping.
  99. The famous character of Will Scarlet does not appear in this Disney version of the tale of Robin Hood.
  100. The character of Robin Hood was used as inspiration for Nick Wilde in Zootopia.

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