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Recycling Robin

Aloha my wonderful merfolk.

Robin Hood was one of the lowest budget Disney films ever made. Because of this, the animators were forced to reuse and recycle animation from previous Disney movies. This was a money saving tactic but, when watching the movie, is obvious. At least, to an avid Disney fan it is obvious.

Today, I thought I would go over the films that Robin Recycled from and show you the scenes side by side.

16. Robin Hood

Snow White

I think the film that Robin Hood recycled from the most, is Snow White. There is a whole portion of the film that is an exact replica of a scene from Snow White.

(L: credit, R: credit)

The scene I am talking about is of course the scene in the forest where the animals are singing about the Phoney king of England. the animation was recycled from the scene in Snow White where the Dwarfs entertain Snow White.

(L: credit, R: credit)


The next film that Robin Hood recycled a lot of animation from, was the Aristocats. Again, it is the scene in Robin Hood where the animals have escaped into the forest and are singing about Prince John.

(L: credit, R: credit)

The Everybody Wants To Be A Cat scene has been recycled almost in it’s entirety for the dancing between Robin Hood and Maid Marian in the forest. Theres also a character in Robin Hood that plays the drums in the exact same way Shun Gon does in The Aristocats.


The Jungle Book

It is thought that Little John was modelled exactly off Baloo and just slightly changed. Both characters were voiced by the same actor.

(L: credit, R: credit)

Again, this animation is used during the Phoney King of England scene in Sherwood Forest. As you can see from the above screenshots, Baloo and Little John are extremely familiar.

(L: credit, R: credit)

Little John and Lady Cluck’s dance in Sherwood Forest is recycled from the dance between Baloo and King Louis in The Jungle Book.


The final film that Robin Hood recycled animation from, was Cinderella. This time, it’s the final scene of the movie; the wedding. Robin and Maid Marian make their way to their wedding carriage and wave goodbye to their friends. Even the carriages look very similar.


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