Why Bernard and Miss Bianca are Underrated Heroes: A Collab with Charlie Reynolds

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Usually, if I speak about my favourite characters in a movie, I talk about the villains. The Disney villains hold a special place in my heart and that won’t change. However, to throw myself out of my writing comfort zone, today, I am going to talk about two of the good guys. Today, I will be talking about why Bernard and Miss Bianca are such underrated heroes and why they should get more love.

This post is a ollaboration with fellow Disney blogger, Charlie Reynolds. You can find his blog, ThatIsTheSpell on this link here. He will be discussing the villains of this movie and what makes the so great!

18. Rescuers

Firstly, Miss Bianca is a member of the Rescue Aid Society where she represents Hungary. If you haven’t heard the catchy song before, here it is for your listening pleasure:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kcos7xVma4U]

The Rescue Aid Society are a group of mice who respond to people in need. This alone makes Miss Bianca a wonderful person … or mouse. Upon hearing of Penny’s distress, she immediately puts herself forward to help the little girl, even though she doesn’t know what lies ahead.

Bernard then is then chosen by Miss Bianca to aid her in her mission. Instead of complaining and refusing to go, he gathers the little courage he has and agrees to be by her side. Bernard faces his fear of flying and cats during the course of this film. facing your fear is a great message to send to those who are watching. You cannot live life in fear, you need to tackle these things head on and be brave.

I love the fact that these two characters are two small mice who go out into the big, scary human world in order to save a girl they have never met. They face so many obstacles and find a way to jump over them or get around them. The courage they show is amazing and second to none.

Personally, I feel Bernard and Miss Bianca don’t get enough credit or love for what they do. They are two fantastic characters and two very underrated heroes.

I also just love Miss Bianca. She’s amazingly stylish and Eva Gabor does a fantastic job providing her with a voice.


If you want to read about the fantastic villains of this movie, then head over to Charlies blog here. Follow him and show him some love!

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