Let’s Talk About THAT Deleted Scene from The Rescuers

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

When I was abut 14 or 15 years old, there was a small period where I was obsessed with watching YouTube videos about subliminal messaging. How it fits into todays society and how big companies use it to trick you into buying their products. And sometimes they use it to hide less than tasteful imagery in their product icons or perhaps, in movies.

One video I watched included a scene from The Rescuers. So I thought, since I like to take a walk on the darker side of Disney, we would talk abut that scene.

Disclaimer: Please be warned that this post will include video footage and screen shots of possible nudity.

18. Rescuers

Three days after The Rescuers was released to home video, The Walt Disney Company announced they wanted to recall over 3.4 million copies. Why? Because there was an objectionable image in the background of one scene.

This image is the blurred form of a topless woman in a window that appears for only two frames out of 110,000 frames the movie has overall. The image appears twice in non-consecutive scenes during Bernard and Miss Biancas flight.


The scene captured in the photo above cannot be spotted whilst watching the film at normal speed as it goes by too quick.

Here it is in video form:

[youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzNXgk5eWGg]

On January 10th 1999, the following was reported by The Independant:

‘A Disney spokeswoman said that the images in The Rescuers were placed in the film during production, but she declined to say what they were or who placed them… The company said the aim of the recall was to keep its promise to families that they can trust and rely on the Disney brand to provide the best in family entertainment’

You can read the full article that little snippet is from, here.

Disney stated that the tampering was done more than 20 years prior to the release of the film on home video, showing that these images could have been there during the original theatrical release of the movie. They did however say that it as not done by one of their on animator and so, must have been done post-production process.

It has been suggested that Disney made a formal announcement about a recall of videos and the need to edit and change the film was to aid the selling of this film. The film did not sell as quickly as others and finding a way to boost sales was paramount. This is not 100% fact and is just a speculation made by fans and film critics.

What do you think of the topless lady in the movie? Put in by an angered Disney artist? Slipped in during the post-production process? Did Disney make a big deal of a hardly noticeable slip up to boost sales? I’ll leave that up to you!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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