Fox and the Hound Concept Art

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I think I’ve mentioned previously that I love concept art and seeing the journey the designers and animators go through in order to create such wonderful Disney classics. I love the different styles different concept artists have and how they all come together to create one fluid movie idea and character design.

The process is amazing and I love sharing them with you guys! Of course with it being Fox and the Hound week, I will share with you concept art and sketches from the movie.

19. Fox and the Hound

The first set of photos are animation sketches. So the concept art has gone through and one design has been agreed upon. Now it’s time to animate those character. It’s believed these were drawn by Glen Keane.

The beautiful pastel concept sketch is by Mel Shaw. Shaw was hired personally by Disney to work on Bambi in 1942. He then left to work as a photographer during WWII but would return to Disney in 1974:

[L: here, R: here]

The little sketches down below were done by Ollie Johnstone. Ollie Johnstone was a member of Disney’s Nine Old Men and this film was the last one he would work on.

Here are some more Glen Keane drawings:

I’m not sure who drew the sketches below but they’re all incredible. Look at baby Todd:

a mermaid be waiting for you in mysterious fathoms below


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