100 Facts About The Black Cauldron

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This will be the first and probably only, animated Disney film that I did not grow up watching and never actually saw until I was an adult. And even then, I have only seen this film once. I will discuss this in another post this week but it’s safe to say that this week may be a challenging one, seeing as I know a piddly amount about this movie.

20. Black Cauldron

  1. The Black Cauldron was released on July 24th
  2. It was the 25th animated feature in the Disney Animated canon.
  3. This was Disney’s first PG rated animated film.
  4. It would stay as the only PG rated Disney movie till Dinosaur as released in 2000.
  5. It is based on Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain book series.
  6. Specifically, the film is based on the first two books of this series.
  7. This film stands as the only movie adaption of this book series.
  8. The film is directed by Ted Berman and Richard Rich.
  9. A video game based on the film was released in 1986.
  10. It was designed by Al Lowe of Sierra On-Line.
  11. Tim Burton worked on The Black Cauldron as a concept artist.
  12. It was the first movie he worked on that he gained credit for.
  13. Although this was the third movie he worked on for Disney.
  14. This would also mark his final Disney animated feature before he would become an animator in his own right.
  15. This is the first Disney film to not feature any musical numbers or any characters singing.
  16. A Fairie musical number was created but was cut from the movie.
  17. This was the first film in the animated canon to use sound effects made exclusively for the film.
  18. Some of these were used in later Disney films, such as the lightning strike sound effects.
  19. The Black Cauldron only used some of the Jim McDonald Disney sound effects.
  20. This is the first Disney animated feature to use the Walt Disney Pictures logo.
  21. This is the first Disney animated feature to use full end credits
  22. It is also the first Disney animated feature film to use end credits since Alice in Wonderland.
  23. The film Once Upon A Halloween implied that this movie takes place in the same setting as Snow White, just centuries earlier.
  24. The Black Cauldron was suspended from video release for years due to its dark content.
  25. This is known by many as the film Disney tried to bury.
  26. Fans have tried to get the films deleted footage restored for public viewing
  27. This was the first Disney animated feature to use computer technology.
  28. First animated film since Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs to have completed scenes cut prior to release.
  29. When Taran is opening the gate to the drain before the castle is destroyed, the gate can be seen through his hand and the chains.
  30. The management team at Disney changed during the production of this film.
  31. New studio chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg screened the mostly completed film and was shocked by the darkness.
  32. He suggested editing the film which was unheard of as most animated films are not edited in post-production.
  33. Joe Hale, the producer, protested the editing of the almost completed movie.
  34. Katzenberg took the film into the editing room and cut it himself.
  35. Michael Eisner talked to Katzenberg regarding the editing of the film and reached a compromise.
  36. This took the release date from the holiday season of 1985 to summer 1985 so rewriting and editing could be done.
  37. Michael Peraza Jr, an animating artist, knew that a scene featuring un-dead, fermenting corpses would be revolting to the audience members at early screenings.
  38. Before these scenes were shown, doors to the screen were opened to allow parents to remove their crying children.
  39. There was a sizeable exodus from the screening and so, the undead scenes were quickly removed from the film.
  40. Production of the film can be traced back to 1971 as this is when the rights to the book were purchased.
  41. The film took over 12 years to make with 5 years of actual production.
  42. The Black Cauldron cost over $25million to make
  43. Ove 1,165 different hues and colours were used.
  44. 34 miles of film stock was utilized to make The Black Cauldron.
  45. This was the first Disney movie to be filmed in widescreen since Sleeping Beauty.
  46. It is said that although the film did poorly in the US, it was very popular in Japan.
  47. Katzenberg, on seeing the first screening of the film, suggested it be cut by 10 minutes in length.
  48. Roy Disney and Joe Hale found scenes that could be cut from the movie without affecting the story.
  49. These sections only added up to 6 minutes which annoyed Katzenberg and he demanded 10 minutes to be cut overall from the movie.
  50. In the end, about 12 minutes were cut and it really hurt the quality of the picture.
  51. Scenes that were cut from the movie include a scene of graphic violence as Taran fights his way out of the castle.
  52. Another deleted scene, that left a gap in the soundtrack is of a man being mauled by the Cauldron born.
  53. This follows with a scene of him forming horrific lacerations and boils before he rots away to become a Cauldron born himself.
  54. When Dallben uses Hen Wens magic to find the Horned King, the first image that appears is recycled from The Night on Bald Mountain from Fantasia.
  55. This was the first Disney movie to not have The End at the end of the film.
  56. It goes straight from the final scene to the closing credits.
  57. This was the first film since The Jungle Book where the old multi-plane camera were briefly brought out of retirement.
  58. When the Horned King activates the power of the Black Cauldron, the sound of a space-shuttle launch was used.
  59. Various members of Disneys Nine Old men, as well as Don Bluth, tried to make this film during the 1970s.
  60. Ralph Bakshi was approached to be involved with the film in 1979 after his animated version of The Lord of the Rings (1978).
  61. He turned down the offer believing his style was too mature for Disney.
  62. The redheaded henchman who shakes Creeper and yells ‘More woman!’ is a self-caricature of animator Phil Nibbelink.
  63. He also voiced the character.
  64. This is the first Walt Disney film to feature the classic Walt Disney Pictures logo; the white castle and text over a blue field.
  65. The development of the Animation Photo Transfer hit a breakthrough during the creation of this movie.
  66. This was the first major change in the Studios method of transferring the artist’s drawings to a cel since Xerox copying replaced hand-inking over 20 years previous.
  67. Disney had originally planned to release The Black Cauldron onto VHS in 1990 but this was cancelled due to the debut of the Little Mermaid on VHS.
  68. No legitimate evidence exists to back up this internet claim.
  69. This is the first Disney animated feature to be presented in 70mm 6-track Dolby stereo sound.
  70. When Taran escaped the Horned Kings Castle, he leaves the swords sheath behind, however when he is outside he has the sheath again.
  71. The Black Cauldron was filmed in Technirama.
  72. It became the last film to be shot in Super Technirama 70 70mm widescreen system.
  73. Kellogg released plastic models of 8 of the characters that could be found I their breakfast cereals.
  74. They include one of the witches who they referred to as Orddu but it was actually her sister Orwen.
  75. Hayley Mills was originally considered for the role of Eilonwy.
  76. This was the first animated Disney film made in cooperation with Silver Screen Partners II.
  77. The two geese that are seen in the beginning of the movie are the same as the two geese in The AristoCats.
  78. This film was shown as part of the the summer show at New Yorks famed Radio City Music Hall in 1985.
  79. The film was paired with a stage show and the full program was called Disneys Summer Magic.
  80. Grant Bardsley gave his voice to Taran, the lead character.
  81. The Black Cauldron was released to VHS in 1998 in a pan and scan transfer.
  82. A DVD release followed in 2000.
  83. Disney released a 25th anniversary edition DVD on September 14th, 2010 in the UK and US.
  84. This DVD release included one of the numerous deleted scenes titled ‘The Fairfolk’.
  85. The Black Cauldron has a score of 55% on Rotten Tomatoes.
  86. The budget for the movie was $44million.
  87. This made it the most expensive animated film ever made at that time.
  88. It only made $21.3million at the box office.
  89. In France, the Black Cauldron was the most attended film in theatres on the year of release.
  90. Characters from the movie have made occasional appearances at the Disney theme parks and resorts.
  91. In 1986, Lancers Inn at Walt Disney World was renamed Gurgi’s Munchies and Crunchies
  92. The Horned King makes an appearance in Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour in Tokyo Disneyland.
  93. This attraction closed in 2006.
  94. Arthur Malet provided the voice of Kin Eidilleg.
  95. When the little fairy girl says ‘I bet they’ll wake up soon!’, her lips are moving but it is the boy fairy’s voice talking.
  96. The Black Cauldron was the last Disney animated feature to be completed at the original Animation Building of the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank California.
  97. This movie was beaten at the box office by the Care Bears Movie which made £22.9million domestically in the US.
  98. The film did so badly at the box office that it put the future of Walt Disney Studios in jeopardy.
  99. The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was composed and conducted by Elmer Bernstein.
  100. It was originally released in 1985.

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