Why I Never Saw The Black Cauldron As A Child: A Collab With Mandy Jean

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

As I’ve previously mentioned, I had not seen the Black Cauldron when I was a child and have only ever seen the film twice. Considering I love anything dark and mystical and spooky, this is strange, no?

Today’s post is a collaboration with the wonderful Mandy Jean of Mandy Jean World! Over on her blog, she will talk about why The Black Cauldron was one of her favourite childhood movies. Go give her post a read! My post if of the complete opposite. Mine will explain why I never watched The Black Cauldron as a child and why I’ve only, so far, seen it once as an adult.

20. Black Cauldron

I never received it as a gift:

As with most children, the first time they see films is due to being gifted them for Christmas or birthdays. I received a lot of my Disney VHS in this manner except the Black Cauldron was never one of them. I’m not sure why I never got this movie as gift considering I had every other movie from the Bronze era on VHS.

My family had never seen it:

This is another reason that adds to why I had never watched the film as a child. Non of my family had seen the movie and so, couldn’t say whether it was good or bad or suitable etc etc. In fact if you ask my family about The Black Cauldron, they’ve probably never even heard of it.

My friends didn’t watch it:

I didn’t have any friends who watched this movie. If we watched a Disney movie whilst at each others houses it was films like The Aristocats or 101 Dalmatians. usually the cutesy animal related Disney movies. I can’t remember ever having a friend who stated this was their favourite Disney movie.

I’m a creature of habit:

I am so very bad at watching new films, even sometimes Disney movies. I always turn to movies I know I love. I know they will cheer me up and I know them inside out. This stops me from watching new films on occassion. This is why The Black Cauldron never made it to my television screen, because I had no urge to watch it.

To me, it didn’t seem Disney:

When I first saw pictures from the movie, it didn’t scream classic Disney to me. It seemed devoid of the Disney magic I had loved and grown up with. The magic of dreams and positivity and feel good factor. This film gave off vibes of the complete opposite to me and so, I avoided watching it for years.

I’d heard bad things:

I’m usually not one to listen to reviews of film by others; I prefer to make my own mind up about a movie. However, when it came to The Black Cauldron, all I had ever read is that it was an awful movie and it almost destroyed Disney. It’s the film Disney want us to all forget they ever made. Why then, would I put myself through watching it?

I will be watching The Black Cauldron for the second time and my review shall go up later on in the week. Don’t forget to go and give Mandy’s blog some love!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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