100 Facts About The Great Mouse Detective

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We have gotten to my favourite movie of the bronze Age of Disney; The Great Mouse Detective. Or just Basil as I called it. When I was a child, I love this film so much. I’m unsure if I can give this film the credit for starting my obsession with the Victorian Era but it certainly adds to it. I adore this film and feel that it is extremely underrated!

21. Basil

  1. The Great Mouse Detective was released on July 2nd 1986
  2. It was released by Walt Disney Studios.
  3. It is the twenty sixth movie in the Disney Animated canon.
  4. The Great Mouse Detective was produced by Walt Disney Feature Animations.
  5. The budget for this movie was $14 million.
  6. The film was based on the story Basil of Baker Street by Eve Titus.
  7. It was directed by Burny Mattinson David Michener, John Musker and Rom Clements.
  8. The film is also known as The Adventured of the Great Mouse Detective and Basil the Great Mouse Detective.
  9. The film was re-released into theatres in 1992.
  10. This film is sometimes considered to be the unofficial start of the second Golden Age of Disney Animation; also known as the Renaissance Era.
  11. This film saved the Walt Disney Studios from going completely bankrupt.
  12. This film also made a big impact on the Disney Renaissance
  13. This was the last animated Disney film to heavily use the classic Jim McDonald Disney cartoon sound effects.
  14. The script for the movie took roughly 4 years to develop.
  15. The animation however only took about one year to complete
  16. This was due to the technological advances in computer animation.
  17. This film is deeply loved by the Sherlock Holmes fan base even though it is seen as a parody of the stories by Arthur Conan Doyle.
  18. This is the first film in the Disney animated canon to feature Frank Welker.
  19. The climactic clock tower scene was the first major use of computer animation in a Disney animated feature.
  20. This was also the first time traditionally hand drawn characters were put inside a cpmputer generated background.
  21. The ‘Let Me Be Good To You’ scene was almost cut as it was seen as too adult for a Disney film.
  22. Disney managed to keep the scene and avoid a PG rating but saying it was a cabaret scene, the character was a mouse and not human and that the lyrics were harmless.
  23. Let me Be Good To You was once titled Look At Me
  24. On its original release in 1986, the film was accompanied by the Mickey Mouse short, Clock Cleaners from 1937.
  25. In Norway, the film was banned for children under 12 which led to Disney not doing a Norwegian dub.
  26. The studio did consider releasing it straight to video as there was no censorship restrictions.
  27. Denmark sensors requested 30 seconds of cuts in order for the film to be released.
  28. Finland and Sweden released the film without any restrictions.
  29. Ratigan kills a character called Bartholomew which is a nod to Vincent Prices character in Pit and the Pendulum who is also trying to kill a character called Bartholomew.
  30. This was the last Disney Animated feature film to star Candy Candido, released 13 years prior to his death in 1999.
  31. The film was released the same year as Don Bluth’s An American Tail.
  32. Whilst Vincent Price recorded his lines, animators sketched his exaggerated gestures and worked them into the animation for Ratigan.
  33. Vincent Price realised his dream of wanting to be the voice of a Disney character whilst making this film.
  34. He was classed as a veteran actor during the production of Basil as he was 52 years old.
  35. Ratigan was originally designed to look thin and weak.
  36. When Vincent Price was chosen for the role, the characters design was changed accordingly.
  37. Basil of Baker Street is named after Basil Rathbone who played Sherlock Holmes in 14 films.
  38. During the scene inside the toy shop, Olivia does not speak at all, staying true to Basils earlier line of ‘Not a word out of you, is that clear?’
  39. Ratigans mouse shaped voodoo doll resembles Paul Galdones illustrations of Basil from the book on which the film is based.
  40. Peter Schneider, Vuce President of Walt Disney Feature Animation, made the decision to change the title of the film from Basic of Baker Street to the title we know now.
  41. John Cleese was the original choice for the role of Basil.
  42. Alan Young provided the voice of Hiram Flaversham.
  43. He had previously voiced Scrooge McDuck in Mickeys Christmas Carol.
  44. Bill the Lizard from Alice in Wonderland can be seen in the bar scene.
  45. Barrie Ingham won the role of Basil 6 minutes into his audition.
  46. His audition was so good that a compelling portion of it as used in the finished film.
  47. When designing Fidget, animators looked at creating a scary yet comical and lovable character.
  48. They chose Candy Candido to voice him as they were looking for a raspy voice to match the character’s design.
  49. His voice would be sped up so it didn’t become too low.
  50. Candido’s regular voice can be heard in the pub as the mouse shouting ‘Get off, you eight-legged bum’
  51. His own looks were used in matching Fidgets looks.
  52. The idea of doing an animated film based on Sherlock Holmes with animals was first discussed during the production of The Rescuers.
  53. Dumbo is featured as a toy figurine in the toy shop scene.
  54. Sherlock Holmes speaks with the voice of Basil Rathbone.
  55. The cameo is edited from Rathbone’s reading of the Adventure of the Red-Headed League for Caedmon Records in 1966.
  56. The first meeting between Basil and Dawson mirrors the first meeting between Holmes and Watson in A Study in Scarlet.
  57. The name of the dog, Toby, comes from the Sherlock Holmes story, The Sign of Four.
  58. When Basil jumps onto the tail of Ratigans aircraft, the propellers are not moving, yet they can still be heard.
  59. The box that Olivia sits on to cry is for Gaston’s Liver Pills, a reference to the father of one of the artists.
  60. When Basil is looking for a amp in his flat, he unrolls one that looks like a clichéd treasure map with a location reading Downtown Burbank.
  61. Let Me Be Good To You was originally going to be sung by Madonna.
  62. Liza Minnelli was also briefly considered.
  63. Melissa Manchester was eventually hired to sing this song.
  64. Peter Cook and Michael Palin were considered to lay the role of Basil.
  65. Patrick Macnee was considered for the voice of Dawson.
  66. Toby’s barking howl is the same as Trusty’s in Lady and the Tramp.
  67. Ratigan was based on Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis, Moriarty.
  68. Ratigan is the second Disney animated villain to fall to his death, following the Evil Queen in Snow White.
  69. During the climactic fight, Ratigan says ‘There’s no escaping this time Basil’ but his lips don’t match the dialogue.
  70. Val Bettin, who voices Dawson was Ron Clement’s first choice.
  71. Susanne Pollatschek was selected over hundreds of other girls for the role of Olivia.
  72. Basil was first modelled on Bing Crosby.
  73. The animators eventually took inspiration from Leslie Howard.
  74. Glen Keane changed Ratigans design and based his stature on Ron Miller who was then the CEO of Disney.
  75. This film marked the debut of Henry Mancini for score composition in a full length animated feature film.
  76. He had previously written the opening for The Pink Panther.
  77. The soundtrack was released on May 9th
  78. Michael Jackson was considered to voice a character that would confront Basil in the bar but this was withdrawn by Eisner.
  79. The films holds an 81% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes
  80. The film grossed approximately $25,336,794.
  81. On its re-release on February 14th 1992, the film grossed $13,288,756.
  82. This means The Great Mouse Detective has a lifetime gross of $38.7 million across original release and re-release.
  83. The film was released onto Laserdisc in July 1992 as part of the Walt Disney Classics series.
  84. It was released again onto VHS in 1999.
  85. Fidgets peg-leg is normally on his right hand side however, when Olivia stomps on his foot, the peg-leg is now on his left hand side.
  86. A DVD release then followed in 2002.
  87. Mark Henn was a supervising animator for Basil.
  88. A Mystery in the Mist Edition of the film was released to DVD on April 13th
  89. The film was released to Blu-Ray in 2012.
  90. This edition is region free o can be played anywhere in the world.
  91. It was released on Blu-Ray in the UK on November 9th
  92. The clamp on the leash changes colour when Basil latches it to Toby’s collar.
  93. The DVD release restored the original 1986 title card instead of using the 1992 reissue title print.
  94. The original finale was to take place on the hands of Big Ben with Ratigan falling to his demise.
  95. Mike Peraza came up with the idea that the two characters should smash through Big Ben and have their showdown on the gears.
  96. This was seen by animators to be a more menacing scene.
  97. Pereza and his team went to London to get video references of Big Ben.
  98. They were given unprecedented access to the clockworks inside Big Ben.
  99. With Big ben striking every quarter of an hour, the team completed their research in one hour.
  100. Phil Nibbelink and Dave Gielow spent months designing Big bens interior in a computer so it could be printed out and traced into hand drawn animation cels.

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