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The Story Of My EL Ratigan Pin

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Today, I wanted to share with you the story of how I came to be the owner of a limited edition Ratigan pin from Disneyland Paris. It’s a rather interesting story, compared to the usual and simply, buying of a pin.

I am so beyond happy that there were some of this pin left during my Halloween trip. I’m always so happy to get a limited edition pin to add to my collection!

21. Basil

It was during my Halloween trip to Disneyland Paris. I took a trip into Harringtons just to have a little window shop. I came across the limited edition pin board and saw the Ratigan pin badge on show. I had completely forgot that it had been released as part of the framed villains collection earlier in the month. This is the pin in all it’s beautiful glory:


I decided to go for it and ask the cast member if they had any left. I wasn’t expecting a positive response. As I’d queued patiently, a lady who was stood behind me called on the cast member, who rightly told her I’d been waiting first. The lady beside me was French so when she was speaking to the cast member after me, I had no clue what she was asking. Turns out, she was also asking for a Ratigan pin. The cast member looked worried and explained she believed there was only one Ratigan pin left.

As she went to check, the lady who had asked for her pin stepped forward. A woman who I could only guess to be the French ladies mother, tapped me on the shoulder. She then asked if I really wanted the pin as her daughter really wanted the pin. I had a moment, thinking to myself that had I not wanted the pin, I wouldn’t have asked for it. However, because I’ve been brought up to have manners, I politely explained that I was sorry but I did want the pin. The lady then impolitely rolled her eyes and started grumbling to herself and her daughter in French. Rude.

As I was waiting for the cast member to return with any number of pins, I bumped into some friends of mine and had a bit of a chat. The cast member returned with not one, but two pins; one for me and one for the incredibly rude ladies daughter. After this, my group of friends asked the CM if there was any chance there were any more Ratigan pins lying around their stores. She went off to look and came back with enough badges for everyone.

I have never been massively into pin trading. I only collect pins I love or to commemorate something I have achieved in the park (like riding Tower of Terror and facing my fear of drops). Ratigan needed to be a part of my small collection and I am still so happy I managed to get him!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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