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Who Was Vincent Price: The Man Behind the Rat

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Today’s blog is going to discuss one of my favourite men of horror. The one and only Vincent Price. The reason? He provides his voice for Ratigan and has worked with the Walt Disney Company on a few occasions!

So, who was Vincent Price?

21. Basil

  • Vincent Leonard Price Jr was born on May 27th 1911 in St Louis Missouri.
  • He was the youngest of four children.
  • his father was the president of the National Candy Company.
  • His grandfather invented Dr Prices Baking Powder which was the first cream of tartar based baking powder.
  • Vincent Price was of English descent.
  • He was a descendent of Peregrine White, the first white child born in Colonial Massachusetts.
  • She was born on the Mayflower whilst it harboured in Massachusetts.
  • Price also has some Welsh ancestry.
  • He graduated from Yale University with a degree in Art History.


  • Vincent Price’s first horror film based role was in the 1939 movie Tower of London.
  • It was in this film he starred alongside Boris Karloff; another famous horror actor.
  • He would then go on to portray the title character in The Invisible Man Returns the following year.
  • He would make his move onto the horror genre with a role in House of Wax in 1953
  • He would then go on to star in The Fly and The Fly Returns in 1958 and 1959 respectively.
  • Outside of the horror genre, Price played Egghead in the Batman television series opposite Adam west and Burt Ward.
  • Price was a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe.
  • In 1975, he visited the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond Virginia and had his photo taken with the popular stuffed crow.


  • Price recorded dramatic readings of Edgar Allan Poes short stories and poems.
  • His voice can also be heard on Alice Coopers first solo album, Welcome to My Nightmare from 1975
  • Price recorded a cover version of The Monster Mash in 1976 but to little success.
  • That year, he also appeared as special guest on The Muppet Show.
  • In 1982, Vincent Price provided the voice of the narrator in Tim Burton’s 6 minute film called Vincent.
  • The same year was when he recorded his infamous lines for Michael Jackson’s Thriller.
  • He also starred in Scooby Doo, providing the voice for Vincent Van Ghoul in the series, 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo.


  • Vincent Price gave his voice to Disney on a couple of occassions.
  • Giving his vice to Ratigan in The Great Mouse detective was one of Vincent Prices favourite roles.
  • It would also be one of his last major roles.
  • Price recorded his part for The Phantom for Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris.
  • Legal agreements meant that the narration needed to be primarily in French and so, his recording was only used for the first few months of the attraction being open.
  • You can still hear Vincent Prices laughter ringing out throughout the manor.
  • Prices narration is available on the CD The Haunted Mansion – 30th Anniversary (1999).

[youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pdp7i1XYH48]

  • Vincent Price was a lifelong smoker.
  • He suffered from emphysema and Parkinsons disease.
  • His symptoms of the latter were so severe during the filming of Edward Scissorhands that his filming schedule had to be cut short.
  • Vincent Price died of lung cancer on October 25th 1993.
  • He was 82 years of age


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