100 Facts About Oliver and Company

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I feel, when it comes to Oliver and Company, that a lot of people watched it, or at least saw it, when they were younger but now as adults, don’t really watch it. It’s not a film I see talked about a lot in the Disney community or by Disney fans. Which is a shame because it’s a sweet little movie.

Lets start off Oliver week with 100 facts about the movie.

22. Oliver

  1. Oliver and Company was released on November 18th
  2. This film was produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation.
  3. The film is inspired by the Charles Dickens novel, Oliver Twist.
  4. The film was directed by George Scribner.
  5. Oliver and Company had an animation budget of $31 million.
  6. Oliver and Company was released exactly 60 years after Steamboat Willie.
  7. The working title of this film during production was Oliver and Dodger.
  8. It was the first musical film to be released since The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.
  9. It is debated that Oliver and Company is the final pre-Disney Renaissance film to be released.
  10. Oliver and Company is seen to play an important role in influencing the Disney Renaissance era.
  11. The discussion of promoting this film in Europe gave Disney the inspiration for The Lion King.
  12. Dodger loses his red bandana when he steals the sausages.
  13. The movie has a heavily devoted fan base despite being disliked by critics.
  14. This was the first Disney animated film to be dubbed in Quebec language.
  15. This was the last Disney animated film soundtrack to be released on vinyl until Frozen in 2013.
  16. This was the first Disney animated film to feature a modern handgun.
  17. At one point, this film was to be set after The Rescuers.
  18. This idea was created to give Penny’s character more development.
  19. This idea was scrapped as producers felt the story would not be convincing.
  20. This is the reason why Penny and Jenny are so similar.
  21. At one point, there was going to be a Golden Retriever called Sally as part of the gang who would stereotype their nature as agile house pets.
  22. She was cut from the story as producers worried it would be too Dog heavy.
  23. This was the first Disney film to heavily use computer animation.
  24. CGI was used for the skyscrapers, cars, trains, Fagin’s scooter and the climactic Subway chase.
  25. It was the first Disney film to have a department created specifically for computer animation.
  26. This was the first Disney film to include real world advertised products.
  27. Disney claimed to receive no paid product placement and this was just to add to New York City realness.
  28. Tito’s bitten ear swaps sides when he is introducing himself to Georgette.
  29. Princess Aurora makes a cameo appearance in this film.
  30. During the Why Should I Worry segment, Peg, Jock and Trusty make a cameo appearance.
  31. Pongo from 101 Dalmatians also makes a cameo during this scene.
  32. Professor Ratigan from the Great Mouse Detective can be seen in Georgette’s photo collection.
  33. Scooby Doo also appears in the photo collection even though it is not owned by Disney.
  34. This film marks the first time one of the Lawrence brother’s stars in a Disney project.
  35. Joey Lawrence provides the voice of Oliver.
  36. Georgettes hair is loose when she gets out of bed but is in curlers when she looks in the mirror.
  37. Oliver and Company made heavy use of sound effects made exclusively for the movie.
  38. Some of these sounds would appear in following Disney movies however.
  39. This film marks the only time Dom DeLuise voiced a character in an animated Disney film.
  40. There is an unknown unidentified song on the 2002 Disney DVD commercial the you can’t find anywhere else.
  41. The film that Francis is watching during the film uses lines from the Shakespeare play Macbeth.
  42. After Georgette slaps Tito off-screen, he can be heard singing I Could have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady.
  43. When Oliver wakes up after sleeping on the truck tire, he sees Roger from 101 Dalmatians cross past the alley.
  44. Animators shot photos of New Yorks streets as reference.
  45. These were shot 18 inches off the ground to get a dog’s point of view.
  46. Oliver and Company’s video release was delayed for years.
  47. Despite being a commercial success, it was not released om VHS till September 25th
  48. This was Dom DeLuise’s first time voicing a character in a Disney film.
  49. Patrick Stewart was considered to voice Francis but he was busy acting as Captain jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek.
  50. The role of Francis went to Roscoe Lee Browne
  51. Fagin wears a Mickey Mouse watch alongside all the other watches he wears on his arm.
  52. The last animated Disney classic to use line overlay; a technique used to make the backgrounds match the lines of the Xeroxed objects in the film.
  53. Whitney Houston was considered for the role of Rita.
  54. Marlon Brando was offered the role of Sykes by the head of the Walt Disney Company.
  55. Brando turned it down fearing the movie would bomb.
  56. Oliver and Company features the first Disney song written by Howard Ashman.
  57. Animator Peter Young was to co-direct the movie with George Scribner but died at 37 just before production began.
  58. Animator Mark Flood states that Oliver and Company is one of his favourite Disney movies.
  59. Steve Martin and Burt Reynolds were considered for the role of Dodger.
  60. The dog’s dances were based on the choreography of Bob Fosse.
  61. During the Why Should I Worry scene, the grand piano that is being hoisted has no pedals on it.
  62. The man Fagin tries to pawn his Mickey Mouse watch too is a caricature of Peter Schneider, then vice-president of Disney animation.
  63. Richard Rich worked in the film as co-director before being fired by Peter Schneider.
  64. Schenider claims Rich was belligerent towards him,
  65. Oliver has no name until about 33 minutes into the movie.
  66. This film is one of the only Disney Animated Feature films where Frank Welker doesn’t just make animal noises.
  67. He voices Louie the hotdog Vendor.
  68. He also voiced Dodger in one episode of House of Mouse.
  69. Rita goes from having a soft and kind voice to a loud and rough voice when singing Streets of Gold.
  70. When Dodger pulls the hot dogs underneath the table in Why Should I Worry, his lips don’t move to match the lyrics.
  71. There is also no muffling in the vocals to represent the hot dogs in his mouth.
  72. Production on Oliver and Company began in 1987.
  73. In the early drafts, the film was supposed to begin with a scene involving Sykes’ two Dobermans murdering Oliver’s parents.
  74. Roy E. Disney put forward an idea that Fagin would attempt to steal a panda from the city zoo, but this idea was scrapped.
  75. Disney invested $15 million into a long-term computer system called Computer Animation Production System.
  76. The film went through production for two and a half years.
  77. After Tito is ‘barbecued’, he can be seen normal again in long shots.
  78. A team of six supervising animators and over 300 artists worked on the film in that time.
  79. Bette Midler was cast as Georgette as she was a New York native.
  80. Same goes for the hiring of Sheryl Lee Ralph as Rita and Roscoe Lee Browne for Francis.
  81. The soundtrack for Oliver and Company contains an instrumental score written by J A C Redford.
  82. In the 1988 release of the soundtrack, the songs were interjected between the instrumental music, in the order they appear in the movie.
  83. In the 1996 re-release of the soundtrack included the songs and the odd musical score piece.
  84. A reprise of Why Should I Worry sang by the entire cast remains unreleased onto CD.
  85. For the films re-release in 1996, it was accompanied by a promotional campaign for Burger King.
  86. After the original release, McDonalds released toys in their Happy Meals inspired from the film.
  87. In the UK, Oliver and company was not distributed by Buena Vista International.
  88. It was instead distributed by Warner bros.
  89. Buena Vista international did release the film on home video however.
  90. The Brooklyn Bridge does not have any subway tracks, although this is shown in the movie.
  91. The film was released to DVD o May 14th
  92. A 20th Anniversary Edition DVD was released on February 3rd
  93. The 25th Anniversary Edition was released to Blu-Ray on August 6th
  94. On it’s opening weekend, Oliver and Company ranked 4th in the UK, grossing $4 million.
  95. On its re-release on March 29th 1996, it would gross $4.5 million on it’s opening weekend.
  96. Oliver and Company made a total domestic gross of $74 million at the US box office.
  97. Oliver and Company was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song for Why Should I Worry.
  98. It was also nominated for a Young Artist Award for Best Family Feature Film.
  99. Oliver and Company won the award for Best Sound Editing at the Golden Reel Awards.
  100. The chair that Jenny I tied to disappears as she falls off the hook and slides down the chute.

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