100 Facts About The Little Mermaid

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Today starts the week themed to my ultimate favourite Disney movie, The Little Mermaid. I have adored this movie for such a long time and hold it very close to my heart. Hopefully, this week will show you how and why!

This film also gave itself as inspiration for this blogs name, as well as my sign off for each blog post. For now though, let’s start with 100 wonderful facts about this lovely movie!

23. Little Mermaid

  1. The Little Mermaid was released on November 17th
  2. It was released by Walt Disney Pictures.
  3. It was produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation.
  4. The movie had a budget of $40 million.
  5. It is the 28th animated feature in the Disney Animated Canon.
  6. The film is based around the Hans Christian Anderson short story of the same name.
  7. The film grossed over $111 million in the US.
  8. It grossed an additional $99 million worldwide.
  9. The Little Mermaid is given credit for creating the Disney Renaissance.
  10. The film marked a return to the musical format that made Disney films popular from the 1930s to the 1970s.
  11. It contained seven original songs by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman.
  12. Ariel is the first red-haired Disney princess.
  13. It had the most special effects for a Disney animated feature since Fantasia which was released 49 years earlier.
  14. It is estimated that over a million bubbles were drawn for the film.
  15. The Little Mermaid was a box office success and has grossed over £200,000,000 worldwide.
  16. This film marked the first time CAPS was used in a Disney feature.
  17. CAPS is a digital ink and paint and animation production system that colours the animators drawings digitally.
  18. The Little Mermaid caused Disney’s feature animation department to grow from 300 artists to about 2400.
  19. This film was the first significant animated success since The Rescuers.
  20. It was also Disney’s first bona fide hit since The Jungle Book.
  21. The Little Mermaid won the 1990 Academy Award for Original Music Score.
  22. Kiss the Girl and Under the Sea were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Song.
  23. The award went to Under the Sea.
  24. The soundtrack for the movie went triple platinum.
  25. This was unheard of for an animated movie at the time.
  26. Ariel is the first Disney princess to have biological siblings.
  27. The film was originally planned to be one of Disney’s earliest films.
  28. Production had begun soon after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  29. It was however put on hold due to various circumstances.
  30. In the 1980s, the Disney company did not know that Walt had intended to make a Little Mermaid film.
  31. During production of the movie in the 1980s, someone found Walt’s Mermaid script by chance.
  32. Many of the changes that has been made to Hans Christian Andersons original story were coincidentally the same changes writers had made back in in Walt’s day.
  33. Ariels body shape and personality were based upon Alyssa Milano.
  34. The effect of her hair was based on footage of Sally Ride when she was in space.
  35. Her live action reference model was Sherri Stoner.
  36. When Scuttle aims to provide some ‘vocal romantic stimulation’ he is squawking his own version of Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet.
  37. A number of the backgrounds used in the Kiss the Girl scene were recycled from The Rescuers.
  38. When Eric yells ‘No, I won’t leave you!’ his mouth doesn’t move.
  39. The dress Carlotta wears is a larger version of the one used by Cinderella.
  40. The Little Mermaid ranks as number 51 of the 100 Greatest Cartoons as voted in the UK.
  41. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy can be spotted in the audience during the opening concert.
  42. Kermit the Frog can also be seen.
  43. Ursula’s design was based off the famous drag queen, Divine.
  44. There is a hidden Mickey in the contract Ursula gets Ariel to sign, in the midst of some jumbled up letters.
  45. The Grand Duke and King from Cinderella can be seen in the background of Eric and Vanessa’s wedding.
  46. In the scene after Ursula is destroyed, Ariels pose as she looks at Eric resembles the pose of the famous mermaid statue in Denmark.
  47. The shark that chases Ariel and Flounder at the beginning of the movie is called Glut.
  48. Ariel is one of the only official Disney Princesses to feature in Kingdom Hearts that is not a Princess of Heart.
  49. The colour of Ariel’s tale was created by Imagineers especially for the film.
  50. It was aptly named Ariel.
  51. On the main menu of Finding Nemo, Dory says ‘I am so excited, I’ve always to see the Little Mermaid’.
  52. When the film was re-released in 1997, some of the foreign translations were redubbed.
  53. The first ever Russian dubbing of the film was made in 2006.
  54. The final defeat of Ursula is very similar to the climax of HP Lovecraft’s short story ‘The Call of Cthulhu.
  55. In the original story, The Little Mermaid does not have a happy ending.
  56. The Little Mermaid is the only Disney film Howard Ashman worked on that he saw fully finished whilst alive.
  57. This film is considered to be a transitional film as it was one of the last Disney movies to use Xerography and the first to introduce the CAPS system.
  58. Originally, Sebastian was going to have an English accent.
  59. Howard Ashman suggested he should be Jamaican.
  60. This opened the door to calypso-style numbers like Under the Sea.
  61. In the dining room in Eric’s castle there is a painting hanging on the wall of a couple wh bear a striking resemblance to Aurora and Phillip.
  62. The dress Ariel wears during her dinner with Prince Eric is a combination of different dresses worn by every Disney princess before her.
  63. Ursula’s personality and some of her actions were largely inspired by Madame Medusa from The Rescuers.
  64. There was an extended Fathoms Below sequence which revealed that Ursula was Tritons sister.
  65. An alternative version of Poor Unfortunate Souls explained why Ursula was banished by Triton
  66. Jeffrey Katzenberg wanted to cut Part of your World as he thought it boring and that it would not be understood too well by the children it was aimed at.
  67. John Musker, Ron Clements and Howard Ashman attempted to convince him to allow the song to stay but got nowhere.
  68. Eventually, Glen Keane managed to get Katzenberg to agree to keep the song.
  69. Katzenberg later said he was happy that no one listened to him with regards to the song as he couldn’t imagine the film without it.
  70. The Little Mermaid was Ben Wright’s final film.
  71. It was released four months after he died of brain cancer.
  72. He provided the voice for Grimsby, Prince Eric’s manservant.
  73. Jodi Benson sang ‘Part of your World’ in the dark to get that ‘under the sea’ feeling.
  74. Christopher Daniel Barnes was only 16 years old when he recorded his voice for Prince Eric.
  75. The producers felt his voice sounded much older than he really was.
  76. The Little Mermaid was the first fairy tale since Sleeping Beauty
  77. In Greek mythology, Triton is the son of Neptune who was the God of the sea.
  78. Before recording Poor Unfortunate Souls, Pat Carroll asked Howard Ashman to sing the song one more time so she could get it right
  79. She admits to stealing some of his body language and a couple of his ad-libs.
  80. Ariel and her sister’s tails consist of the colours of the rainbow.
  81. Ariel’s rendition of part of your World set a precedent for subsequent Disney animated musicals where the protagonist would vocalize their desires early in the film.
  82. The Little Mermaid has been a Disney property since 1941.
  83. Scheduling conflicts with Star Trek: The Next Generation forced Patrick Stewart to turn down the role of King Triton
  84. This was the first Disney film to receive an Academy Award after Bedknobs and Broomsticks.
  85. The shot of Ariel reaching out through the skylight of her grotto at the end of Part of your World was the last shot to be completed.
  86. It took four tries to get the optical effects just right
  87. Jim Carey auditioned for the role of Prince Eric.
  88. Ariel is the first Disney animated heroine to have a bare midriff.
  89. Sebastian’s fanfare was performed by composer Alan Menken on a kazoo.
  90. More money and resources were poured into The Little Mermaid than had been given to animated features for decades.
  91. During the recording of this film, Pat Carroll realised it was a life-long ambition to voice a character in a Disney fil and described the opportunity as ‘an answer to a prayer’
  92. Glen Keane went to Peter Schneider, then president of Walt Disney Feature Animation and demanded the chance to animate Ariel.
  93. The amount of work it took to hand draw all of the bubbles for the movie meant that Disney sent most of these cels to a Chinese based firm called Pacific Rim Productions.
  94. The Tiananmen Square student uprising happened just a few blocks away from where one-third of the completed cel artwork was being stored in a vault.
  95. There is a bust of Abraham Lincoln in Ariels Grotto,
  96. Pat Carroll modelled her voice for Ursula on Tallulah Bankhead and Maurice Evans.
  97. Ariel’s treasure grotto includes the painting ‘The Penitent Magdalene With the Smoking Flame’ by 17th century artist Georges de la Tour.
  98. The movie was adapted as a Broadway musical in 2007.
  99. Ariel’s lip lines were created with hand-inking.
  100. The rainbow that King Triton sends above the wedding ship at the end of the movie is inverted.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below



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