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Positive Little Mermaid Quotes: A Collab with Erriel J Life Chronicles!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Today’s post is another collab post. The wonderful Erriel from Erriel J Life Chronicles agreed to collab with me and I am so happy she did. The Little Mermaid is a favourite film for us both so this could not have been more perfect.

I love quotes. I love quotes that make me feel happy. I love quotes that are relate-able. I love quotes that can make me feel positive and motivated. So, we decided to share our favourite quotes from our favourite movie. I chose to do a post about the positive quotes from the movie.

If you want to read quotes from The Little Mermaid that are totally relate-able, pop over to Erriels blog and give her post a read!

23. Little Mermaid


This quote is wonderfully positive and motivating as it shows that when you have dreams, if you are brave enough to follow them, you can be happy in life. Dreams don’t just have to stay dreams. Work hard and they can become a reality.


Again, this another quote that can motivate you. Ariel knew what she wanted, she wanted to be human. She wanted to be with Eric and so, she got her legs and became a part of his world. It’s a reminder that if you work hard and follow your dreams, one day you will be a part of a world you have always wanted to be a part of.


Sebastian has pretty much hit the nail on the head with this one although I can’t actually remember him saying this in the movie. Perhaps it was in the television show? Either way, he is saying that you need to be yourself and love yourself for it. If you pretend to be someone that you are not, you will never be happy. You are wonderful and you should be proud of that.


This quote reminds us that we’re all unique. We’re all special. We all bring our own something to the world and we should be proud and happy of that.


Okay, this one may seem like a strange and not too positive quote However, hear me out. What Ursula says here is absolutely true. We all know what we say can have importance but we never really realise how much until we can’t speak out. This quote should show positively that we can do and say amazing things and we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be silenced or censored. Say what you feel. Be honest. Be truthful. Share your thoughts and feelings and don’t let any one tell you otherwise. Of course, always be mindful of respect when voicing opinion.


Sebastian never been so accurate. We all know life takes effort and sometimes, we don’t have the motivation to do this. However, we all have dreams. We all want to better ourselves. Sebastian here is cheering us on, reminding us that if we put in the hard work, we will see results. If we put in the hard work, we will see our dreams come true. Live your dreams and live happiness.

Disney is always an excellent source for positive quotes. If you’re ever feeling down, please, have a look on Google. You will find so many quotes to help you through the day.

Remember, if you want to read quotes you relate too from The Little Mermaid, have a look at Erriels blog. Click the link here.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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