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A 90s Ursula Disneybound

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Continuing my era Disneybound challenges and mixing that with my love for villains, I decided that todays fashion post will be a 1990s style Disneybound. As it’s The Little Mermaid week, of course I am going to be doing an Ursula Disneyound.

I love 90s fashion. As a 90s kid it will always have a place in my heart so I am very excited to challenge myself to this.

23. Little Mermaid

Firstly, lets have a look at Ursula:


Now, lets have a look at the Disneybound:

Firstly, I chose this purple crop top from New Look. At only £6.99 it’s a cheap and cheerful basic for this Ursula Disneybound. Crop tops were very fashionable in the 90’s, you can see that in the fashion choices of many pop stars and actresses. I teamed the crop top with a pair of high-waisted black denim shorts.

For the colder weather, an oversized black denim jacket will help keep the chills away. Oversized and Levi was extremely popular during the 90s. As were jelly shoes. I was so excited when these came back into fashion recently. I used to wear glittery ones for school in the summer with my school dress. I loved them. For this Disneybound, I found some wonderful purple jelly shoes.

Team the purple jelly shoes with a pair of black, frilled socks. Frilly socks were also all the rage for school children and even now, they’ve come back into fashion. Tattoo chokers are something else from the 90s that have seen a surge in popularity in recent years. I even own a couple myself. There are many on ebay and Amazon, as well as in Claires but this one I found has a seashell charm hanging from it. This necklace is only £3.99 and it is from Boho Begonia.

These lovely purple earrings are from Ebay and of course, this Disneybound would not be complete without Ursula’s famous red lip. This Barry M lipstick is in the shade Pillar Box Red.

For park days, team your Disneybound with this amazing Danielle Nicole handbag. These have recently come to the UK on the shopping channel QVC. Stock levels of these handbags are usually quite low so you have to be super quick to get your hands on one. As well as a wonderful Ursula bag, finish off your Disneybound park outfit with these wonderful Ursula ears from MouseBands on etsy.

As per usual, I finish off my Disneybound with my nail colours. I would paint all but my ring fingers black and finish off with one purple nail on each hand.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


One thought on “A 90s Ursula Disneybound

  1. Loved what you picked, the bag especially is so cool and I love the slightly 90’s grunge feel to it too – I miss the jelly sandals I used to have! – Tasha


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