Rescuers Down Under: A Review!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I may have already mentioned this, but Rescuers Down Under is one of the few Disney films I have never actually seen. So, I thought I would go to CEX, pick myself up a copy and sit down one night and give it a watch.

So, here is my review from my first time ever, watching The Rescuers Down Under!

24. Rescuers Down Under


My first impression so far is in the form of a question. If this film is set in Australia, why do the characters have American accents? The only character be an Australian, and I think it’s a fake accent, is Jake the mouse.

I already really dislike McLeach and I’m about thirty seconds into the film. I know he’s the bad guy and I’m not meant to like him but I seriously don’t like him. Anyone who knows me, knows I like my villains. This guy I want to punch in the face. Poaching beautiful animals. I kinda like Joanna though? She’s a very good pet for McLeach.

On the other side of the scale, the little boy in this films is adorable, wanting to save all of the animals. Speaking of animals, the scene where McLeach has the boy locked up with the animals, all of those animals are super cute. Minus Frank at times as he can be a little annoying.

Bernard and Bianca of course have my heart, they have since the first movie. Is it possible that Miss Bianca looks even prettier in this movie?




The story has the same premise as the first one: young child has been kidnapped and the Rescue Aid Society need to save them. I like that the setting is Australia, it’s a place on my to visit list. Have to admit though, the story line is a little same for me. Child gets kidnapped by the villain because the villain wants to find something of value to them. Also, why is Bernard and Miss Bianca barely in this? The first time they meet Cody is saving him?

Okay, this film does something that I genuinely hate in movies; it just ends. Cody is saved, they fly off and its the end. No further explanation. Nothing. What? Why?

Also, another Disney movie with no songs. What gives Disney?



The animation in the sequel isn’t as gritty as the original. There aren’t too many harsh, sketchy lines as the original movie. The colours seem cleaner and the animation style definitely screams nineties Disney. The computer animated sections are so very obvious in this movie. I think it was one of the first Disney animated films to be quite CGI heavy.


Overall, I really enjoyed this film. As much as the premise is the same as he first one, this film carries its own little charm. The new characters are wonderful, I actually find Joanna quite cute and feel so sorry for her. McLeach just doesn’t treat her right.  I actually think I prefer Cody to Penny. Overall, it’s a lovely little film that I will be watching again in the near future.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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