My Meet With The Aladdin Crew

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I love meeting characters at Disneyland Paris. The interactions are always fun, they always make me feel happy and I feel they’re a central part of a good trip to a Disney park.

With this week being Aladdin week, I thought I would share my meets with some of the characters from Aladdin.

26. Aladdin

Swing into Spring

My first meet with a character from Aladdin was during my 2016 trip during the Swing into Spring trip. My mam and I were walking through Adventureland and saw a small queue for the Genie/Abu meet. My mam wasn’t too fussed about meeting Genie, so we decided if it was Abu that came back from the break, we would wait in the queue but if it was Genie, we would go and do something else. Sorry Genie, I love you and will meet you soon.

It was Abu that came back from the break and I queue wasn’t long at all, so we knew we would get our chance to meet him. My mam was super excited to meet him. We got to the front and it was finally our turn to meet him. My mam gave him a hug first, then I did. As we went for the photo, Abu pushed me put of the way so it was just him and my mam in a photo. It was like he knew she wanted to meet him and it was really special for her. When Abu finally let me back in for a photo, he gave both of us some of his grain as a present, as well as one of his bogeys.

This was one of the cutest meets I have had on a Disney trip.


The other character I have met from Aladdin is Jafar. During Halloween, all of the villains are out where the good characters from the film would usually meet guests. As I am a big fan of the Disney villains, I knew I had to meet Jafar.

Whilst in the queue, Jafar went for his break, staring down a small child and making them cry. The child had just stopped crying when Jafar came back to continue the meet and greet when she saw him and started crying again.

As we got to the front, Jafar came over and ordered us where to stand for the photograph. He was tall and rather scary so we did as he said.  After a few photographs, we went to leave the meet and greet and he followed us all the way out, swishing his cape behind him.


a mermaid is waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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