Pocahontas on Etsy: Homeware Edition – A collab with All That Jazmin

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Today’s post is another collab. The lovely Jazmin from All That Jazmin agreed to write a collaboration post on wonderful Pocahontas Etsy finds. Jazmin’s post will show you all the wonderful gifts you can buy for your friends and family. My post however will concentrate on homeware.

So, if your friend adores Pocahontas and you’re looking for some gifts to give to them, then head over to Jazmins blog on this link here. Go show her blog some love.

28. Pocahontas

SweetAllureShop, GenefyArt

AlbertsHouse, ShirePrints

PinkMugNY, EtchedInGlassUK

ToastedGlass, LandMermaidPaperCo

SovArtGift, YoYoShopCo

CCrossingCreations, VintagePeggyBoutique

DandyCollective, HeadInTheCloudsGifts

LGTVintage, HereForevermore

LoveArtsGifts, FragrantFables

Looking for cool Pocahontas gifts for friends and family? Then head over to All That Jazmin and read her post!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


3 thoughts on “Pocahontas on Etsy: Homeware Edition – A collab with All That Jazmin

  1. I loved this post! Etsy has so many amazing things, I lose hours on there. I think my favourite item has to be the Grandmother Willow candle because I love themed fragrances and candles based on films, TV shows and books – they just make such amazing gifts. – Tasha


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